Thought I’d give a quick update on the progress of the house.  We’re about neck deep right now.  So much going on.  Progress is good, but I really wasn’t prepared for how much work and stress it is to have construction going on in your house.  Having to be here so much, fielding questions all the time, the paint fumes make me sick, trying (and failing miserably) to contain a toddler during all the chaos.  I think that’s the hardest part.  Somehow to manages to gravitate to the rooms that suddenly don’t have doors, the one little patch of wet paint and the tools on the floor.  Funny how that happens.  For the first few days she did good because she was a little weirded out by having strange men she didn’t know in our house, but now that she’s used to them, it’s getting a little more difficult.  One thing I am very thankful of is that she’s been sleeping through all the noise at nap time, even with the oh so loud air compressors and nail guns going off in the room next to her.  That honestly amazes me, but I’m so thankful.

I have some baseboards!!!!  This brings me SO much joy!  Something so simple that we have lived without for oh, ah, most of our married lives!  We only had them for a short time before Katrina ate them because we were doing work on the house before the storm too.  Yay for baseboards!  Our new fireplace and mantel are in, our doors and trim are painted (all except 2), our laundry room floors are in and the plumber is coming today to work in the kids bathroom.  We still need baseboards in most of the house though, closets doors, our tile backsplash and tile in the kids bathroom, plus a loooooong list of other small stuff.  Word is that the house should be DONE by the end of next week.  We’ll see, I’m not sure I’m a believer yet, it seems to be moving a little slow, but maybe that’s just because I’m so anxious.  Even with all the work we are paying to have done, we still have a 2 page long list of things to do to get the house ready to put on the market.  I’m not sure if we can get all our stuff done by the end of next week, it’s a lot, especially if this baby keeps encouraging me to take long afternoon naps with Taryn!  🙂

I haven’t had much time to use the camera, I hope to have a bunch of house pics soon though.