Check out the sidebar….I added a few new things.   First, I finally got some of Ty’s photos together in an album and all in one place.  He’s super, chest swelling, proud over it, so check it out! 

I also added an album for all the old banners that have appeared here on the blog (thanks for the great idea Erin!!).  There are a few ooooooooold ones in there all the way back to my first blog before we moved over here.  It was fun for me to look through them and I love the idea of having them together, because usually once they have been replaced, there was no record of it.  So, if you’re a long time visitor (and there are a few of you!), head on over to go down memory lane!

And last, but not least, I added some goodies to the sidebar under "my favorite things".  Brenda Acuncius just released her new actions and I love them!  I’m a Brenda black & white action snob….pretty much every single black and white conversion you see from me is a result of one of her actions.  I love em cause you can tweek em just the way you want and they always look dreamy.  I’ve tried to come up with my own but they just don’t compare.  I get emails all the time asking about my black & white photos, so there you have it =)  Her new set rocks and they are affordable, so check em out.

Have a great weekend everyone!!