Just like that, four days buzzed right by, and she’s gone.  For the rest of the day today, we’ll all four mope around and be sad, but tomorrow we start counting down to the next visit.  We had a great time, we played and talked and read books and went to the park and played some more.  I think the hardest part of saying goodbye today was knowing the next time I see her, I’ll be the mother of three, and that event will happen without her by my side.

I took soooooo many pictures over the last week, our Christmas Eve and morning with Jason’s side of the family and then a ton more once my mom arrived.  I’ll start posting some of them tomorrow.  It was such a fun Christmas with Little T, she was a blast, and Ty had a ton of fun this year too!  And our house feels a little more like a home now that we have a few warm memories to help fill it.