sweet feet

She sits like this on the couch while reading or watching Little Einsteins.  So her, right now.

Still feeling awful, cramping and contractions.  Little sleep.  I am thankful that my recliner, and sleep location of choice here lately, sits next to the large picture window in our living room.  I get to see the most amazing sunrises every morning.  So I guess if there is a bright side to pregnant insomnia and discomfort, that would be it.

Our little man (yes, he’s still nameless even though our family thinks we’re just holding out on them) should be over 5 lbs now by my Dr’s estimate.  My next OB appointment is Monday, I’m anxious to see if we’ve made any progress and if I’ve dilated further.  Hopefully I haven’t.  Our goal is to go to at least 34 weeks, one week from today.  I was just telling Jason though, we’ll hope for 34 and then I’ll be knocking on the hospitals doors at 40 weeks begging them to take him out!  LOL! 

In the meantime, here I sit, watching the chaos go on around me.  Grandma and Jason took the kids to Sams to stock up on essentials and then they are going to work on getting our Christmas decorations packed up and into the attic.  I’m so thankful Grandma came to help out for a few days….total bonus she kicked Jason’s butt in Wii Bowling!  Ha!

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that big horsie head

This one makes me smile….Little T lovin the Gee Gee and Ty, right on his "big horsie head" as she likes to call it =)

A quick baby update….I’ve had a couple of rough days, despite staying off my feet as much as I possibly can.  Jason ended up having to stay home yesterday morning and then his mom came to our rescue last night.  Grandma rocks!  She’s rallying the kids today, handling Ty’s doctor’s appointment, checking him into school and just doing a ton to help out so I can concentrate on keeping this baby in.  Thanks Grandma!

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just one…

Doesn’t she look peaceful and quiet in this photo?  To that I say HA!  Looks are deceiving!  She’s a wired, on the move, sassy, 2 year old full of endless energy!  I’m wishing she would pass some of it over my way…

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meet sofie


Or as Little T calls her, "Soapie".  Makes me giggle every time she frantically runs through the house yelling "WHERE SOAPIE?!?!"  =)  While Soapie wasn’t the immediate hit on Christmas, they are now best buds, attached at the hip, everywhere we go.  Soapie gets snacks, goes to the store and even takes naps with us.  T hasn’t asked to take her into the bathtub yet, but hey, I’m not suggesting it!!

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a baby update

Sorry I haven’t posted, to say we’ve been overwhelmed wouldn’t really give it justice….

My OB called Monday morning bright and early after finding out I was in
L&D over the weekend (love her for that – she called me before I
even had a chance to call her). She decided she wanted to see me right away and to head
on in. Thankfully, no more
progress, I’m still 2cm and 50% effaced. The babies heart rate was
good, a little higher than normal but nothing too concerning. I did
tell her though that the baby had been really active both Sat / Sun,
like constant party going on in there, active but had been quiet all
morning long. She decided to do a NST (non-stress test). I was on the
machine for about 10 minutes without much activity so they gave me some
juice and crackers, 10 minutes later, not so much as a jump, even
though we could hear the baby making small movements and swooshing
around. After another 10 minutes she said she was going to try to fit
me in to have an ultrasound done upstairs, but if they couldn’t do it,
she was going to send me over to the hospital to L&D for more
testing. She really wasn’t comfortable having me go home at that point
because of the results of the NST, the baby just wasn’t responding like
they wanted him to. Thankfully US fit me in, the baby looks good, not
real active, but heart looks good, they were also looking for chest
movement in breathing patterns and that looks good too. He was just
kind of hangin out in there. Still a little on the big side, which is
good, because if he comes early, every ounce counts. After my OB
reviewed the US she felt comfortable sending me home with orders
to take it easy. I’m not on full bed rest thankfully – just restricted
activities – no cleaning the entire house, no exercising, do my best to keep my feet up
as much as possible for the next 2 weeks. Hard to do with 2 kids, but
my goal is to keep this baby in for the next 2 weeks.

She said
that the cervical fluid test they did is pretty accurate at predicting
labor within 14 days….so she feels pretty good saying it won’t happen
in the next 2 weeks. Since I’m 32 wks now, I’d be 34 weeks, which at
that point, if labor begins, they don’t medically intervene to stop it.
So as long as I do what I’m supposed to, low stress, take it easy and
do things right, hopefully this baby will stay put for at least that
long! We have so much to do to get ready for this baby to be here, we
need to get a move on….talk about a wake up call.

So even
though it was scary because we failed the NST, it was overall good
news.  I just wish I
wouldn’t have had to do it all alone. Jase was there with the kids for
the first few minutes of the NST but then had to leave to go take Ty to
do his rabies treatments, so after that I was on my own. It’s
so hard to try and take care of all my kids at the same time! I just
really wanted my husband there with me and he couldn’t be, but I always
wanted to be with Ty and I couldn’t do that either.

Yesterday was really tough, trying to take it easy and chase Taryn.  I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do it all over the next few weeks.  I guess we’ll figure it out as we go.

Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers!

I’ll have an update on Ty soon too….and post some photos since this is a photo blog =)

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stay put, little man

After a really long night at 2 different ER’s on Friday because Ty got bit by a dog,
you’d think we’d have had enough of hospitals for one weekend….

I woke up with contractions on Saturday morning around 4:30 am. After a few
minutes they went away and I was able to go back to sleep. At 6:15 I
woke up in awful pain, I was having really bad cramps and sharp
contractions. To the point where I couldn’t walk or breathe through
them easily. The contractions were really irregular but I was also
feeling a lot of pressure really low so we went into the hospital and
left around 7:30. It was all I could do to get to the car the cramps
were so bad, they never went away and the contractions were just coming
on top of them. We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to monitor
the baby. They wanted to do some tests right away to see if there were any indicators of the hormone
that puts you into labor. After they did that test, the nurse checked
me and found that I’m 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced.

Of course I was totally freaked out by that only being 32 weeks, I know
people walk around for weeks dilated but it’s just too early for this
baby to come.  Jason’s face went white when he heard the news too.

They kept me for awhile for observation and the
contractions eased up, but not the cramping, which was really, really
bad. Thankfully the test results to determine if I was in early labor came
back negative! We were sooooo relieved. Especially since Ty and Taryn
both came early, but not this early.  We’ve known that this baby will likely be early, but we were prepared for 36 or 37 weeks, not 32.  We’d been there for almost 4
hours, they felt comfortable based on the test results sending me home,
after they checked me again and I was still 2 cm and 50%.  Jason had left to go bring the kids
to McGee and Mike (they were d.o.n.e. with hospitals by this point).
Thanks guys for taking the kids on a moments notice!

the baby seems to be doing well, moving around a lot, good heart rate,
didn’t seem to be experiencing any stress when he was on the monitor.
My monitor was all over the place, even when I wasn’t contracting, it
showed a lot of what she called "irritability"….whatever that means.
I’m still in a lot of pain from the cramping in my lower
abdomen and in my back, but thankfully the contractions have subsided.
I have strict orders to stay in bed for the rest of the weekend and
then contact my OB on Monday to get checked again. I just want to keep
this baby IN.  We know that every day counts at this point.

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