I can’t believe it’s been a week already.  Why are these early days so long when they go by so quickly?  My mom bought this amazing blanket for Zachary and I absolutely love it.  It’s so soft!  I’m really glad I took this photo when I did because that night his cord stump got stuck in his sleeper zipper and it popped off.  A little before it was ready and I felt so bad when he let out a little whimper.  Ugh, mommy guilt.  I’m sorry buddy!

We had a really hard time choosing a name for our little guy.  We didn’t make a final decision until just a few weeks before he was born.  We usually try to pick something earlier but it was hard this time.  I wanted to name him earlier to help with bonding after our 3 losses.  But we just couldn’t come up with one we all loved (or even that just Jason and I both loved and let the kids deal lol).  And then Zachary came along.  I love the meaning:  God has remembered.  He has not forgotten us in our desire to grow our family amidst so much loss.  He has not foresaken us.  He has remembered.  John is after Jason’s grandpa that we lost last year.  We wanted to honor him and it just fit so well with the first name because it means “God is gracious”.  Jason’s grandma was so pleased to hear the name and that makes us both so happy.

Right after the photo above I needed to change my little guys diaper.  Taryn came along to try to calm him and snuck in a few head smells for good measure.  She just loves the way he smells and will stop what she’s doing (note pencil in hand lol) to sneak one in 😉