But you do.  I was just cleaning out a box in our closet because we are having our bedroom painted in two weeks and it’s going to take us that long to clean it out and get it ready.  At the very bottom of the box was a paper, neatly folded.  I almost cried when I opened it up.  I had forgotten all about this….all about the time my first baby lost his first tooth….and it was quite a story.  How could I forget?!  Oh how I wish I had blogged back then.  I could revisit those moments any time I want, the ones I never thought I’d forget, but have.  Ty lost his first tooth and it came out in the grass in front of my mom’s house.  Jason and I spent hours on our hands and knees in the grass that spring night, searching, consoling a certain almost 6 year old and trying to figure out a way to still have the Tooth Fairy come anyway.  So we had him write a note with a photo.  We cracked up over the note, that he came up with himself.

It says:  “Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my first tooth but it fell it to the grass.  I am sorry.  Is it ok?  I love you.”

That ‘I love you’ got him extra $.  And I’m not sure if it was this tooth, or a subsequent one, but there was one time where the Tooth Fairy ::::cough cough Jason:::: got busted by Ty with his arm under the pillow r.  It was awesome and funny and still makes me laugh to think about it.  As the mother of an almost 13 year old, if your children are young, write all down, because you think you won’t forget, but you will.