where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again.  Only in the Stradtner version, it gets progressively worse. 

Two weeks ago, Taryn wrecked havoc on the floor in Teagan’s room by dumping out an entire bottle of baby shampoo onto the carpet in the doorway.  This equaled hours of steam cleaning to get it out because you know what happens if you add water?  You guessed it, bubbles.  Jase took the brunt of the work on that one.

One week ago, her two year old self did THIS.  Funny, if you’re not me.  Ok, well, slightly funny if you’re me and it was a week ago.  I took the brunt of the work on that one since I was the only parent at home to scrub her butt down before running out the door for the day.

I think it’s pretty safe to say, that today, Jase and I have officially lost our sense of humor.  Why?

The mug shot…does this face say "busted" or what?


No, that is not marker.  It’s not paint.  Not chapstick, or lipgloss.  It’s NAIL POLISH.  Pink, impossible to remove without harsh chemicals on her very sensitive skin, nail polish.

She was punished in her room for throwing toys in the house again and not listening.  She was quiet and after a few minutes I asked Jase what Taryn was up to (see a theme here – I need to be listening to that mommy instinct don’t ya think?).  "Oh, she’s fine, she’s in her room reading a book."  Correction:  she’s in her room using her Dora sit-n-spin to climb up a shelf and get into a basket that has little girl fingernail polish in it.  Suddenly, she comes out crying about her lip and we took one look at her and thought she was bleeding.  That is, until we smelled her.  An unmistakable smell followed her out of her room.  And it wasn’t just her face, her nose, her cheek, her chin and her lip….

feet, toes, ankles…


legs, knees, calves, hands, fingers….


she even has some in her hair.  Nice.

Only this time, I decided to have her daddy sit in the bathroom with her and let her scrub herself down while I ran off to google "removing nailpolish from my child’s skin"…..which, by the way, brings up some pretty funny stuff if ya ever need a good read on rainy day.   That is, funny if you don’t NEED to google something like that.


Didn’t do much good though.  The scrubbing or the googling.  I managed to get some of it off of her face with a q-tip and polish remover.  Quite honestly, I seriously considered just leaving it.  I’d like to say to teach her a lesson, but honestly, I don’t know if I have it in me to sit and q-tip every single brush mark.  So, I focused on the nose today and left the rest.

She can just wear pants this week.