Cause that’s when I’m awake.  Which seems to be a rarity these days.  Me being awake that is.  I took a 4 1/2 hour nap with the little one today and still went to bed at 9:30 pm.  I’ve never required this much sleep.  I can usually live on just 4 hours or so.  It’s insane.  And I’m talking good, kick butt, wake up in the same spot, don’t move all night, coma like sleep.  Theres nothing like good pregnancy sleep, I never knew it existed before I got pregnant with Ty.  I kinda feel sorry for men, they don’t really know how good sleep can be.  The bad part is, that as my head hit the pillow tonight, all I could think about is the kickin nap I get to take tomorrow.

Morning sickness (read:  all day and all night sickness because whoever named it that must have been a total moron) is still taking over.  I had to get up and put something in my belly tonight, so I thought I’d post while I chow down on some raisin bran.

Our internet got fixed today!  Yay!  If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied it because our internet was down, I’ll try and make it through my inbox soon, I see it’s kind of full!

Our new contractor started today.  I like them.  They don’t stress me out, they don’t talk to me unnecessarily, all business.  I like that.  Nothing like our old and dramatic contractor.  My only complaint today was that they painted my shed a really ugly color.  Jason said it looked like a big ugly sundried tomato, the guy laughed and said it was just the primer LOL.

T’s party, so fun.  Took lots of pictures.  She had a BLAST.  Totally into opening gifts this year, she dove in and wasted no time at all!  I did an ice cream theme and when it came time to do the sundaes she grabbed her spoon and went straight for the sprinkles.  Who needs actual ice cream?!?  LOL  I haven’t had much proofing time (see sleep section of post above =) ) but I love this one of her cake…..


Ty’s surgery is Thursday.  He’s a nervous wreck about it and if I’m being honest (not in front of him), so am I.  Having one of my children go under anesthesia makes me nervous.  Thankfully we’re all stocked up with tons of ice cream after Taryn’s birthday so he’ll have plenty to eat.  Recovery time can range from one to two weeks so I hope he’s back to his normal bouncy self by the time school starts.

Thanks for stopping in and I’ll try to post more party pics soon!