Aug 27, 2007
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Taryn points to the LCD as I’m taking these and says "dat Peanut Stradtner"….only "Stradtner" comes out more like "drat-der".  It melts my heart.  I decided to sit down with her this morning for a few quick shots since I didn’t do anything more "traditional" around her birthday.  Plus I figure I better take advantage of the pretty blue walls while we still own them….


even though I took these for the color, I’m on such a black and white kick lately…




Now I’ve got to see if I can manage to catch Ty, he’s been avoiding the camera =)

  • JILL

    That dress is so cute! It makes her look so old, the off the shoulder look. That is to cute what she says about the baby. She is going to be a great big sister.

  • chloebug (Susan)

    She’s a beauty. Love those shots!

  • Megan

    Wow. The first one in black and white is stunning. I love the conversion, and her eyes look awesome.

  • Marci

    Oh, I just bought that dress for Lily. It’s fromm Kohl’s right. Great pictures. Love those baby blues in the first picture.

  • thanks you guys! Jill – It’s actually supposed to be capped sleaves, it’s just a little big on her still 😉

  • Heather

    I love her dress! My favorite is the first one in color! She has such pretty eyes.

  • red

    love this girl.

  • AWWWWW! She has the most beautiful blue eyes… but I must say, I love the bw =)

    Oh & PS – The videos of Jase dancing are TOO FREAKIN MUCH! Bwwwaaaaa hahahahaha!

  • She is absolutely beautiful, Lyndsay!! I love the first shot. Your life always amazes me.