So, T’s birthday was last month.  And no, I haven’t taken any birthday shots of her yet.  I had big plans to, but other things came up.  Then we went out of town, came home sick, her surgery is coming up and it just seems unfair to drag her out when she isn’t feeling well.  Sooooo….these will serve as her birthday photos.  And I’m ok with that.  I’ve dreamed of these photos for over a year.  My mom bought this suit for her last spring, I saved it and horded it away until it was time for us to go to the beach last summer.  Then like a big dummy, I left it sitting on the fireplace hearth when we left for the beach.  Oh I just wanted to kick myself.  For a year.  I took a few outside of my mom’s house, but it wasn’t what I wanted, they weren’t the images in my mind at the beach.  And as many of you photographers out there know, when you have an image in your mind, you cannot find peace until you get it out, until you create it.

And I did.  Finally.  I was sick as a dog that morning, but I got T up, threw on her suit and down we went (she specifically requested the Lily hair, love that girl).  I didn’t ask her to look at me, we just walked along, collected shells and talked about how wonderful and mysterious the beach is.  No calling her name or saying look here.  We talked about whales and dolphins and fish and waves and shells.  She asked questions about everything and we giggled and chatted and walked with the surf at our feet….

I had 17 minutes.  And then, well, nature called.

Turns out I forgot to have her go potty when I got her out of bed.  Whoops.  Rookie mistake.  So, it only took 17 minutes.  Well, one year and 17 minutes.