I decided to take the kids to the park early this morning and we had so much fun. That’s the great part of taking several weeks off from the business side of photography. As much as I love my job, sometimes it feels so good to just take my camera and the kids to the park and have a good time. I was looking forward to a little good outdoor cooperation from both Ty and Taryn, but Ty’s plans changed quick when his best friend that lives down the street showed up at the park. So he ditched Taryn and I at the swings and took off with Cade to the monkey bars. I didn’t dare follow with the camera, you know, in front of his peeps, he would have been mortified, so I mostly got images of Taryn today. Here are a few favorites…I feel like I don’t share enough b&w’s so I’m throwing in a few 🙂










And this one in my opinion was post title worthy. Shouldn’t all kids come with a “Warning:” sign! LOL! As I was proofing this I was wondering what might follow the colon on her warning sign….

Warning: full of drama
Warning: loud
Warning: overly cute
Warning: smelly on occasion
Warning: expensive
Warning: I drool
Warning: loves shoes
Warning: scared of elephants & tinker bell

The list could go on and on!!