I coerced my dear friend Michele into doing a session at night awhile back.  She and I found babysitters, got all dolled up and took our hubbies out on the town.  It was so much fun for Jase and I to go do something just for us, to get dressed up, and have a real meal without cutting up little pieces, to go cuddle in the dark and be together for while.  We had a blast and the end result just has my heart jumping for joy.  Photos of me and Jase, with the focus on us (NOT the kids)….just us.  Love that.

You can see her take on Jase and I here.  And my take on her and V here.

And if this project doesn’t solidify that it is who is behind the camera that creates a photograph, I don’t know what will….same locations, same lighting, same cameras, some of the same lenses, many of the same poses….and yet I love to see how very, very different they are.  I knew they would be, but wow.   So, sooooooo excited about our joint session with the giveaway winner Amy and her husband tomorrow night!!  Thank you Michele, for capturing us, for not telling me I’m crazy when I asked you to go shoot in the dark at night, for your friendship, your support, for always make me laugh and for giving me so many wonderful pieces of your art to cherish.