After months of anticipation, Ty had his surgery today.  He was really nervous about it (and so was I), but all went well.  For those that don’t know, Ty was born with his tongue attached to the tip.  It bothered him, but not enough to do anything about it until it started to tear a few months ago, which was very painful.  We had to wait for it to heal before the surgery could be done.

He did great. He was starving because he couldn’t eat anything until the surgery at 1:30 this afternoon.  Being the growing boy that he is, he normally eats at least 4 or my times by then!  The surgery took less than an hour as expected. They
decided to knock him out via IV instead of a breathing mask due to his
weight and he did really, really good getting the IV in. They said they
had to cut back father because it was really thick and attached, which
also means a few stitches that will disolve on their own and some
antibiotics to fight the risk of infection, but he did good.

I hate to
say it but watching him come out of the meds was comical. He was so
funny, talking out of his head. He kept staring at his hands like they
were the most fascinating things he’d ever seen. He was totally out of
it. Took him a good hour to really come too. He’s still wobley on his
feet and had to have help getting in the house, but he’s sacked out on
the couch. He’s in pain but his rx’s should be ready soon, so that will
help.  Taryn’s not real sure why Ty doesn’t want to get up and play.  Thankfully my mom came and stayed with her today so we didn’t have to chase her at the hospital.  Thanks Mom!

I really am so
glad it’s over. No matter what the reason, it sure is scarey to see
your child in a hospital bed, hooked up to so many machines. Makes me
so grateful my children are in good health.