When it landed on our doorstep this afternoon, Ty’s chest swelled up with pride.  I’m proud of him.  And LOOK!  That is me with my babies!

Can I just say……whoooooo-weeee that’s a big ole belly!

Ty took the winning photo of Taryn and I when I was pregnant with Teagan.  I’ll never forget this photo, mostly because I was cracking up.  Teagan was breach and waited until almost the very end to turn.  Every day, several times a day, Taryn would yell into my belly button, “HEAD DOWN BOY, HEAD DOWN”….and that’s what she was doing right before Ty snapped this shot.  Part of our winnings were to have a photo shoot with a local photographer.  While I could have passed on that part since I’m a professional photographer, we decided to go for it, because I’m always on the other side of the lens.  So I have to say thank you to Teri for taking such beautiful images of me with my baby.  I treasure them Teri and thank you for being such a wonderful colleague and friend.