Got up at 6 am with a bed full of little people attached to lots of elbows and knees.

Got their lunches together while the husband did supplements and got breakfast going.

Spent 20 minutes convincing Taryn she had to wear socks today.  In the end, she won, but she wore her Tom’s today without any shoe issues.  I still call that a win.  SPD challenge.

Got Teagan and Taryn dressed for school.

Washed Teagan’s super impressive green smoothie mustache off.

Brushed hair.

And teeth.

Woke up Ty with a song and a jig.

Searched for allergy bracelets and discussed who would wear the one with all the charms and who would wear the one missing some.  Note to self, order new charms slacker.

Gathered backpacks, passed out hugs, kisses and reminders about food (always necessary but especially this week with all the extra food in schools).

Watched Teagan walk to the car backwards while smiling a sly smile.

Kiss the husband goodbye.

Checked on Ty making his own eggs, reminded him about his supps.

Took my own supplements for the day.

Drank two large mason jars of water.

Checked email, responded to a few clients.

Chatted with Ty, talked about his test, hug and sent him off to the bus.

Realized someone left a piece of bacon on their plate and ate it.  I’ll call that my breakfast.

Sat in my jammies, answered more email in my office.

Decided to tackle my Christmas shopping list.

Got really overwhelmed by the 4 gifts per person plus grandparents.

Decided to knock it out in one day and be done.

Ordered 9 gifts on Amazon.

Called a therapeutic riding center to set up horseback riding lessons, complete with therapy, for Taryn as one of her gifts.

Showered and rushed to get out the door by 9 am.

Left at 9:15 am, armed with a christmas list and reusable grocery bags.

Stopped in the driveway to field 2 calls, one from T’s doctor’s office, another from the school.

Finally on the road in the rain.

Khols in Leander.

Whole Foods in Austin.

Down a protein bar and bottle of water in my car and call that lunch.

Gymboree.  But it was a bust.  I wanted to sign Duder up for a class as one of his gifts but nothing fit just right schedule wise.

Hobby Lobby in Cedar Park.

Academy right next door in Cedar Park.

15 minutes of answering emails sitting in the parking lot.

Another phone call with T’s doctor re: school issues.

Drove past the gym, wishing I could fit it in today.

Picked up Duder at school.

Took him potty and then waited while he pretended to push every button on the rocket mural in the bathroom.  Lots of buttons.  Lots of waiting.

Ran duder through the rain and headed to Natural Grocers.

Speed shopped for groceries.

Argued with Duder over Lara Bars.

Checked out, headed home.

Raced like a maniac to unload the groceries before heading to carpool.  Threw the cold stuff in the fridge, left everything else on the counter for Ty to put away later.

Threw some hummus and carrots at Teagan so I could smuggle gifts in the house and hide them in the closet without him noticing.  That kid can focus on some hummus.

Played with Maggie.

Threw a bag of cashews and two small bowls in my purse for an afternoon snack for the little kids.

Darted off to carpool.

Waited in line.

Waited in line.

Waited in line.

Waited in line some more.

Decided to turn the heat on in the car because I was cold and because I knew it would make Duder sleepy and he might nap.

Waited in line some more.

Bwahahahaha, my plan worked, Duder was zonked out.

Get my Taryn.

See she’s happy and well.

Sigh another sigh of relief for that.

The worry of food this time of year is immense, even under the best of circumstances.  We are struggling.  Having her with me lets me relax a bit.

Leave carpool and head back in to Austin to go see our awesome Chiropractor.

Stopped at a red light I dish out T’s snack.

Duder snores on….

Talk to T about her day, the games she played, her calendar she made, her friends.

Rock out to Christmas music on the radio with my girl.


Talk about Christmas gifts and giving.

Arrive at the Chiropractor and I have to wake up Teagan.

He yells at me.  And cries.  He’s not ready to wake up yet.

I carry him inside, in the rain, while directing T through the parking lot.

Sign in while trying to hold a crying, cranky toddler with one arm.  He must weight over 40 lbs now.  Good grief.

Take everyone potty.

Adjustment time.  Oh bliss.  Taryn dives on the table first, ready to go.

Discuss her allergies, inflammation, symptoms and skin reactions.

Teagan practically shoves her off the table ready for his turn.

My turn, for what we jokingly call, “the chiro buzz”.

Talked about my stress level and she gave me some little magnet things that sit on my happy acupuncture points on my ears.  And they stay on for days!  I consider asking if they can be surgically affixed forever, but take what I can get.  Worked like a charm.

We leave, happy, relaxed, feeling refreshed.

Rush hour traffic toward home, at least 40 minutes.

Meet Jase and Ty at home, who are fixing dinner.

Sneak in 30 minutes of editing and work while they finish dinner.


Ty clears the table and puts the food away.

Rush out of the house to head back to Cedar Park for Teagan’s winter open house at his school.

Enjoy his classroom, seeing all his work, art and receive a Christmas gift and card from him.

Picked up his Santa pictures.

Head home.

Baths, epsom salt night so separate baths, 20 minutes each.

Supplements, playtime for the kids.

Story, bedtime for the little kids.

Ty fixes his lunch for the next day and takes a bath.

Help Ty with packaging two orders and shipping.

9:15 pm and my mom work day is done.

9:16 pm and my business work day just begins.

Time to edit.

Create an album.

Upload 2 orders.

Release a gallery.

Backup 2 sessions.

Consider blogging a session but then realize that is what January is for.

Check on some Christmas cards.

Remember that I need to stuff and address the stack of 125 personal Christmas cards on my desk.

Remember that I forgot to buy stamps.

Tackle almost an entire day of email that has been unattended.

Epsom salt bath and supplements at some point.


Today I….am exhausted.

And somehow, on this day, I managed to not cook, which is beyond rare.  I normally spend a few hours in the kitchen each day.  I love it.  I missed it today.  I’m not sure where I could have fit it in.  Busy, but productive.  Shopped for 11 people for Christmas and I’m missing only 3 gifts, not too shabby for one full day of multi-tasking.  I figure I’ll send the husband out to Target and call it done.

Tomorrow, up by 6 to head to Pfugerville, almost an hour away with traffic, for Occupational Therapy at 8.  We have to decide if it is safe enough for Taryn to attend the Christmas class party tomorrow, especially with a sub instead of her regular teacher.  We can go with her, but it’s risky.  Last year was awful.  My gut instinct says to keep her home and safe.

I am soooooooo looking forward to 2 weeks of kids safe at home, sitting around in our jammies, playing board games, cooking good food.  I’m ready for a few less crazy days.

I realize this post will seem boring and useless to most, but someday, when my kids are grown and my house is quiet, this will help me remember these crazy, totally full, days.