Life in Motion Photography is officially closed for the month of July.  I will be taking a much needed vacation this month to spend some time with my family.  We will be traveling some, and celebrating birthdays (Taryn’s, mine, my mom’s and Jacks!).  I will be spending extra time with Taryn this month before she starts Kindergarten (sob!!), we will be focusing on Teagan’s health issues, and I will be able to spend some much needed time with Ty each afternoon (if he can fit me in to his busy schedule between friends, eating and playing football/camps).  The entire family will have 4 weekends together and after working 60 hour weeks and taking on 4x my normal number of sessions and workload for the last few months, I simply cannot wait!!  I love my work and what I do, but I need this time to recharge, reconnect with my peeps and gear up for the busy holiday season that will kick off in August when I return!!  I do have one newborn session that will happen near the end of July and a senior rep mini too (didn’t want you to think I forgot about ya).

If you are waiting on a gallery from me, pending galleries WILL be going out this month, all 13 of them!  Please note that most, if not all, of my working hours will be late at night while we are in town.  Clients, if you need me right away, please call my cell phone, as email replies will be a bit delayed.

I initially thought my 2010 calendar was full and had plans to close it out for the year in this post.  But I sat down tonight, looked at it all again and moved a few things around to open up a few more spots.  I have ONLY the following spots available in 2010.  Once these are booked I will be maxed out and won’t be opening up any additional spaces.  If you want holiday photos, now is the time to book as these last few spots will go quick!  Drop me an email for details if you want one….

August:  1 full session
September:  1 mini (established clients only), 1 birth spot available
October:  1 full session BOOKED
November:  1 mini (established clients only) BOOKED

I have a few things already booked in 2011 but won’t officially open it up for bookings until mid fall.