1.  Tonight Taryn and Jason had a daddy daughter date night.  They took off to Toys R Us to spend her giftcard she got for her birthday, then they were to head to dinner.  She got to pick and she said she wanted “meatballs”.  Jase called me from the road midroute, thinking they would be eating italian….nope, not our girl, she wanted IKEA meatballs.  I love that kid so much.  She makes me laugh.

2.  Yesterday, Teagan was helping Jase with laundry and Jason had him carry a little towel into his room, put it in the drawer in the closet and close it.  We’re not sure when it happened, but today we discovered Taryn’s pj’s also tucked ever so neatly on top of that towel.  My sweet little Teagan is something else.  I can just imagine his cute little self toddling the folded jammies to his room and tucking them away with care.

3.  And Ty, so thoughtful toward his baby brother, snuck into the bathroom after dinner and filled the bathtub with balls, Teagan’s favorite toy in the whole wide world.  Teagan’s face lit up and he said “Baaaalllllll!” and then “Tyyyyy!” when he saw them…he knew who had done it without even really knowing.  That’s because Ty is always watching out for him and doing little special things for him.  I love that.