ty and i took teagan out this morning to take his birthday photos.  my normally happy, love the camera, look at me and smile boy was in a bad mood.  just got off a round of steroids and he has not been a happy little camper.  it was funny to come home to a card full of scowls and bad moods, so not him.  ah well, it is what it is.  not sure if i’ll have time to take any more this week, lots going on.  i think we’ll call this one roid rage lol….

poor little guy, he just wasn’t happy at all….

i will admit that we all sat around and looked at the images together after I downloaded them.  we had a good laugh at scowl after scowl…..so not him.

now this one….well, she has no excuse other than suffering from a severe case of pcs (photographers child syndrome).  she has a long history of pcs (exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c oh i could just go on and on but you get the point right?)…i think her case is incurrable.  stinker.

and just one more…i hate to admit it, but ty is *almost* as tall as i am.  it won’t be long before he passes me up….

oh wait, did i mention teagan is walking?!  well, not really walking, but he took a few steps.  just a snapshot, but here is the moment, well, actually the second time he did it because I was too busy enjoying the first moment without a camera to my face…..love him.