When Ty and I went on location this weekend exploring we decided at the end of the day to head up to Hammond. Ty was born in Hammond and we lived there until he was about 4. Once we decided to make the drive up there, I started to get really excited about it, I knew of a few great places I wanted to shoot. My favorite job ever (except for photography of course) was working for a local attorney in Hammond. He and everyone in the office were so wonderful to me, they were all amazingly supportive during my single mom days and we still keep in touch. One of my job duties was to deliver court documents to the Clerk of Court located inside the train station. It was so surreal to me to see my tall 9 year old standing outside the station, being there it seemed like he still should be 3 years old! Its true what they say about blinking and your children grow! When did this happen?

Here are two versions, one with a color pop and the other is cross peocessed. I can’t decide which one to print?