This session, oh this poor session.  It was booked quite some time ago and everything has worked against us from the weather, rain, a freak wind storm, the dad’s schedule, a stomach bug for me, you name it, it happened and thwarted our plans.  But finally, today, after all the anticipation, I finally got to meet this wonderful family.

The weather was gorgeous (we’d earned it, believe me) and when we walked out to the field where we would start shooting, I turned around and saw this…..

No rain in sight, a few clouds and the sun.  The crazy part is that the rainbow ends right over my house!  Cool right?!  I think it was a sign we’d have a beautiful evening….and we did!  Thank you Ruiz family for handling everything thrown our way with grace and a smile.  I hope you like your extra big sneak peek and that it was all worth the wait!!  Many more to come!

And thank you to my wonderful friend, client and attorney, Cristina for sharing your extended family with me tonight.  You have such a big heart.  I can’t express how much I appreciate you and all that you do for me, Life in Motion and The Birth Experience!  Thank you!