I’m going to do something tonight I’ve never done before.  Usually sweet, thoughtful, emotion filled notes from my clients are kept private.  Every now and then I’ll share one with my husband, but that is usually the extent of it.  Some are hand written, some are sent via email, some make me cry, some get filed into a happy folder that I go back and read often when I’m feeling tired or burned out, some get printed out and hung above my desk.  One from the father-in-law of Alex Laynor is framed and holds it’s place in my heart as one of my most valued possessions.  I love these happy notes of excitement, appreciation and ultimate expression of love of the images I captured for the families I photograph.  But I never share the notes.  Many times I would like to, but it feels a bit funny, like a form of boasting that just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable with sharing it with the world.  But when Molly viewed their session images last week, she sent me this note and it stopped me in my tracks.  It reminds me of why I do what I do.  That the long hours, the hard work, the time in front of the computer, the research, the continuing education, the commuting, the business side that drains my creativity at times, the sacrifices my husband and children make in sharing so much of me….it is all worth it.  Because of moments like this.  Because this mommy spent a lot of time thinking about her family and her son before filling out their client survey.  Because I was able to connect with them and see the beauty in their moments and those little glimpses added up to something so much more.


Well, it’s taken me so long to respond to this email because I’ve been sitting here literally stunned (and I admit, crying tears of happiness) for minutes.  I just seriously cannot believe how well these turned out.  They capture William’s personality to a T:  the infectious laughter, the confidence, his curiosity… seriously just perfect.  And then the one towards the end, of me and Daniel kissing, appearing totally oblivious to the camera, while William gazes serenely out at the world from the safety and confidence of being encircled by his parents’ love… well, that one’s the reason for my happy sobs.  It’s a single picture of EVERYTHING I want in life… and I cannot thank you enough for capturing our little family so incredibly.


“It’s a single picture of EVERYTHING I want in life…”


Molly, your note means the world to me, thank you for your kind words, they made me cry and appreciate and re-focus and remember all over again the power of photography and why I love what I do so very much.

And William, sweet William.  I first photographed him all snug in his mommy’s belly.  At his newborn session he gave me quite the run for my money but we held tight and let him lead the session and it worked.  And now at 6 months, he’s grown so much, is happy and chubby, he still has the best eye lashes around and those cheeks, swoon!  I can easily say he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever captured and that is saying a lot!  I have had more than my fair share of happy, chubby little bubbas through the years.  And I am always thankful for them, they are so much fun to photograph.  This session started out like most 6 month old sessions, we started with a few family photos and let him warm up a bit.  Then we decided to move to a new location for some variety, but it started to rain.  We dodged it, I goofed off a bit and he threw a few smiles my way….

Those dreamy eyelashes, see em?!  And those droopy cheeks hanging low told us he was starting to get tired as we were about midway through the session.  The rain started to pick up again, we decided to wait it out a bit and we hopped in our cars to venture south a few more blocks.  Only William fell asleep in the car.  I thought for sure he was down for the count, and that was ok with me.  I knew we had plenty from the first portion of their session to create a gallery, plus I just love sleeping baby photos…..

I thought for sure he was done.  Molly swore if we could get him to wake up he’d be happy.  In the back of my jaded mommy/photographer brain I had my doubts and thought he’d wake up cranky after only a 5 minute nap (that’s what my kids would do!!).  That’s totally logical thinking right?!  Molly swore he’d be happy and if there is one thing I’ve learned in this business it is that when your client talks to you, listen….really….listen.  We attempted to wake him up several times and it didn’t work.  Then we decided to try and change his clothes.  We got halfway done and look what happened right away!!!!!

No way, right?!


So curious and focused, I adore these.

And then in 2.2 seconds, we went from this…..

to this….

I present to you….the happiest baby I have ever photographed….

His mommy knows what’s up.

For real!

HA!  Don’t you just love him?!  I can hear him laughing just looking at these.  I bet he made you smile too?!

Thank you Molly & Daniel.  Thank you for sharing your family with me.