Teagan hasn’t been feeling well and while we had his birthday party all planned, the cake and balloons ordered and the house all cleaned and ready….it just didn’t happen.  Poor little guy, it is not fun to be sickly on your birthday!  And while we had to forgo the party on the day of with all his friends, Jason’s parents still made the trip up from Corpus to help us celebrate our dude turning two (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!).  And even though the house wasn’t filled with fun toddlers like we’d planned, we still had cake made by the fabulous Humble Pie Desserts in Round Rock (so yummy!), opened gifts and just enjoyed our little dude.

All of his gifts were a hit this year.  Including this, this, this and this.  I also bought this cute card and he loooooved it.  Super cute!  And of course the tickets to the Sesame Street Live show coming up this weekend that he doesn’t even know about yet!  I’m always so curious about what others buy for their kids, especially if it is a hit, so I thought I’d share 🙂

He’s pretty stinking cute right now.  If you ask how old he is he’ll yell “TWO!” and throw up 5 fingers.  And if you tell him Happy Birthday he yells “IT’S MINE!”.  Yup, he’s 2.

I really can’t believe it.  Didn’t he just get here?  And didn’t he just turn 1?  Where has the time gone?