I met MC not long after moving to Austin.  We quickly became friends and I began to mentor her and help her with her photography journey.  And by mentor, I mean hang out and goof off with our cameras.  But there hasn’t been very much mentoring going on.  Life is busy, especially at their house.  Not long after this session, MC and Jon announced they were expecting baby #2, thrilling news!  Just a few short weeks later Jon was diagnosed with cancer.  They are a strong and faithful family and after a few days of shock and tears, came out swingin ready to fight.  They rolled with what the coming days would bring them, dealing with chemo, a surgery and balancing the timing with the arrival of their second son.  I don’t know that I could have been that strong, I admire them both so much.  There was a time when we weren’t sure if Jon would be able to be present for the birth, depending on when the little one decided to arrive.  But you know what….MC is a strong woman.  She told her body when she wanted it to give birth, and it listened.  She told her body to wait until they got back from MD Anderson.  It did.  She told her swelling and blood pressure to stay it check.  It did.  She told her body that she needed a successful VBAC, to avoid a c-section and the additional recovery time for the sake of her entire family.  And once again, her body listened.  And when she thought it was time for Tommy to arrive, her mom brought her to the hospital since neither Jon or MC could drive.  She then needed to switch places with Jon at home with Jack, because she hit 8 cm’s fast, Tommy was on his way.  MC told her body to wait for him.  It did.  I will admit that I was a bit paniced when she called and said I needed to pick up Jon and rush him to the labor and delivery.  I needed to get him there in time.  He couldn’t miss it.  Not after every.single.other.thing had fallen perfectly into place so that he could be there.  He wasn’t going to miss it on my account.  We got there in time (thankfully, whew!!) and MC was a rock star.  She did so amazing.  Every single thing she needed to happen, happened.  She willed it through her strength, I truly believe that.

Click here to view the slideshow:  the birth of tommy

So when you view this slideshow, know that this family is nothing short of amazing.    Know how much they lean on and depend on one another.  Know that Jon was there holding her hand during the delivery of their son while on bedrest himself after just having had surgery.  Know how much they love one another.  And that they see their blessings through the difficult moments.  They are positive, humble, kind and giving.  And when you get close to the end of the slideshow, watch as my cute little buddy Jack gives his new baby brother a little wave hello when he sees him for the first time.  What a sweet boy he is.  Congratulations Urbans, it was an honor to get to be there for Tommy’s birth and an even bigger honor to call you our friends.

All images copyright of The Birth Experience by Lyndsay Stradtner