I first met Julie and Major at Lila’s newborn session.  She was the sweetest little baby to work with and photograph.  At the end of that session Julie asked me if I’d be interested in doing some work with a fundraiser she was working on at UT.  At that time Major was a UT football coach.  I volunteered and I was introduced to one of the most amazing families I have ever met, the Revell family.  They have blessed so many around them, being a shining example and faith and love.  When I photographed the Revell family this year they asked if I’d talked to Julie lately, just in passing and I said that I hadn’t.  Don’t you know the next day I had a message from her asking about a session.  The universe is so cool sometimes.  I was excited to capture Lila, so grown up, full of personality, inquisitive and fun to be around.  I think my favorites are the photos of her snuggled up with her daddy and the very last one.