Wade is the 4th kid in our house.  Ty’s bud that lives just a few blocks away.  Wade is a great friend to Ty and I know that growing up together will be filled with memories of forts and nerf wars and exploring and pesky sisters and video games and sleep overs and staying up late and everything else that comes along with being a boy and having a best friend.  I love it when I hear them emerge from Ty’s room, I can hear their dual footsteps coming down the hall, a few whispers formulating a plan and I know what is coming next…..the pantry door opens.  Predictable and it makes me smile every time.  It is inevitably followed by a “Hey mom, can we have/fix some…….”  And as often as Wade is here, Ty is at his house.  And they feed him too ((thanks))!  We love their family for so many reasons, they are kind and compassionate and thoughtful and they are raising their children to be those things too.  I love that every time I talk to Kelly on the phone it involves laughter.  I love that John invites Jase to church outings and guy stuff.  I love that Kelly emailed me the first time she saw my blog, so complimentary and said “I want this for my family”, this being photos of them loving one another.  I love that I got to be the one to give that to them tonight.  I love that they showed up tonight toting goodies and yummy stuff in jars that my people will inhale in no time.  I’ll admit, I worried a bit about photographing Wade, because I’m just ‘Ty’s mom’, the one who hangs out in sweats all day chasing toddlers and saying “shhhhh” when they dart in the house during naps.  Plus I heard through the grapevine :::cough cough TY::: that Wade had to be bribed to cooperate.  But hey, what boy doesn’t?!  I bribe Ty all the time.  But in the end, I had his number.  Saying poop or fart got me a genuine laugh every time.  Boys are all the same!!  HA!  And I love that when I focused in on Jessica, I heard a holler from across the field, “she has great freckles!!”.  Yes, yes she does.  And I love that when John and Kelly look at each other, even after 15 years, their eyes smile.  Thanks for being such great friends you guys, I really hope you like your sneak peek =)