Hi, I’m Taryn Stradtner.  I am ready to get my hands dirty, work in the sun, grow food and care for animals. I am a God loving, natural minded, homeschooled young woman. I was raised in a large, conservative, hands on family. Chores and contributing were taught early on. As a result, I’m hardworking, reliable and polite.  I am also strong, eager to learn and a quick study.

After traveling the US full-time with my family in our RV for the last 6 years, I am seeking volunteer farm/homestead and workamping opportunities. I still travel with my family and we have slowed down this year to give me the opportunity to skill build before starting a farm of my own. I am open to both staying on site with my family in our RV (if you have a hookup) or commuting to your farm from a campground nearby.  If staying on your farm, our RV is a 45 ft 2021 Cyclone toyhauler 5th wheel and we’d need space to park our dually truck.

Due to food allergies, you won’t need to cook for me.  Any fresh, organic produce, eggs or meat for me to cook and prepare for myself would be very appreciated.

Thanks to my dad who is skilled in carpentry, I know how to operate power tools safely to build a variety of projects. I love all animals, especially horses, cows, chickens and dogs. I have some experience riding horses, and would love the chance to learn more if possible. While I haven’t been around livestock much, I am very situationally-aware.  I have a lot of traditional kitchen skills including kombucha, vanilla, sourdough, ACV, fermenting vegetables, and making herbal tinctures.  I am also an author and an artist.

I’m a devout, Bible reading, Jesus loving Christian.  I am tolerant of other beliefs so long as they aren’t forced on me, and my beliefs are in turn accepted. Any opportunity to go to church or evangelize will be met with much enthusiasm.

Skills I offer:

Animal care
Stall Cleaning
Pet care
Plant care
Pressure washing
Farm sitting
Fermenting food and beverages
Cooking (gluten / dairy free)
Making tinctures / infusions
Holistic care and natural healing

If staying on site with an RV hookup my parents also offer:

Carpentry (general, furniture)
Professional photography / content creation / editing services
Website help

Skills I’d like to learn:

Animal care (horses, chickens, ducks, turkey, pigs, sheep, cows specifically but open to all)
Meat processing
Organic gardening (variety ideal)
Herbalism / medicinal plants
Wild foraging
Safe canning practices
Knife Making
Land and soil care
Seed saving
Natural pest control
Green building
Tree care
Fence care / install

A Good Fit:

Family friendly, drama free, peaceful space.  Christian or tolerant of my beliefs.

Not A Good Fit:

I am not comfortable handling commercial pesticides or chemical fertilizers, being around smokers / vaping, cussing or drunkenness.  I cannot handle wheat gluten foods or prepare it in a space that would have cross contamination.  Not open to cleaning human bathrooms at this time.  Animal poop and stall cleaning is fine though!


If staying on site, my family has two dogs that love people and children, and can get along with other dogs so long as they’re introduced responsibly. First is Pepper, an 8 year old brittany spaniel lab mix, and Maggie, a 12 year old chocolate lab. Both are accustomed to only going out on a leash due to living in campgrounds.