i wondered

If her cute little pouty lip would be making an appearance during her 6 month this morning….

Moments after birth, 3 months old….


I should have known this sweet baby girl wouldn’t disappoint…


Oh funny girl, you make me laugh.  A few more to show she wasn’t allllll about the pout….


Today was her actual 1/2 birthday, can you believe it?!  Thanks for braving the cold with me Miller Family, it’s always a joy!!

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joan | austin newborn photographer

The beautiful Miss Joan had her official newborn session this afternoon.  I’m still working on her birth photos but wanted to pop in and share a few we caught this morning.  At 11 days, she’s just a dream.  Her mommy told me she’s a snuggle bug and boy is she right!


the other end is pretty darn cute too!


I love the light shining through her tiny little piggies.  F Family, it was so great to see you all again today!  Many, many more coming very soon =)

And now this tired photographer is off to bed!  I have a session with this cute little family first thing in the morning and would you believe that little guy is 1 now and off and running!?  I can’t wait!!

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the twins | austin twin photographer

I have so many sessions to come share and I am trying desperately to not have a repeat of last year during busy season where I never got caught up with blog sharing.  I will do better this year!!  So through kids leaving for school, husbands hanging displays on the way to work, craft projects, getting orders out, uploading slideshows, ordering albums, morning dishes and contemplating where on earth I’m going to fit in a shower before Taryn’s ortho appointment, I’m dedicating 10 minutes to blogging 🙂  There is no time, but I’m making it this year!  And these two couldn’t be more worth it.  I mean come on, look at these little faces….


I love the expressions….”oh man, it’s her again?!”…..”nah, she’s cool, wave hi!”….HA!








this little series cracks me up….”ok bro, this is going to be good, I’ll grab his hair, you honk his nose”….hehehe.




I seriously can’t believe their first year is already half over!!   You can see more of these cuties here:  maternity | birth (and here) | newborn | 3 months

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some things never change | austin watch me grow photographer

Hard to believe but Miss Audrey is already 3 months old.  I absolutely adore my baby planners, watching them grow and change rocks!  She really has changed so much….we’ll start off with her momma’s favorite….


these next two make me laugh.  in the first one she’s striking her little pose (she has a history of this, as does her momma, ha!) and in the second one she’s reminding me that she still thinks I’m pretty boring LOL!


HAD to catch the dimple!  the extra chin was a total bonus.


she’s gotten some extra chubs, totally smoochable…


not to mention the smiles…and bubbles…


she’s bright eyed….


responsive and funny…





but despite all the growing, all the chub, all the smiles, and all the changes in just 3 short months…..

in the words of her very wise momma…..

“some things never change”


hehehe….I’m so mean for posting those.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Funny baby!  I am already looking forward to our next session together in December!

You can see more of Miss Audrey’s journey here:  [ maternity | birth | newborn ]

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the twins at 6 months | austin twin photographer

I got to go hang out with my little twin buddies this morning.  And oh my goodness have they grown!!  They had so many new tricks to show me, including sitting up and some new teeth!  I just love my watch me grow baby planners, it’s so fun to meet up every few months and when I look back through the images, it just becomes so much more real at how fast the first year really does fly by.  It sure does feel like their birth was just a few weeks ago….here they are as newborns and again at 3 months.  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I LOVE 6 month olds!!  The big, happy smile on the left and the little grin complete with his belly hanging our on the right, soooo cute!


And a huge thank you to their grandma who sang to them for a better part of our session….automatic smiles.  Such a lovely voice and I still have the song in my head this afternoon…..Doe! – a deer, a female deer….Ray! – a drop of golden sun….

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I have two sessions to catch up with this little cutie for her 3 month session (word on the street is we MIGHT be able to pull of piggie tails!!!!  at 3 months, uhm, hello?!!!).  And this little cutie is turning 1, cake smash here we come!!

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