I spent this morning with sweet baby girl.  She’s a baby planner and I’ve photographed Audrey every few months since she was in her momma’s belly.  Driving to her last session on my calendar was a bit bittersweet.  What will I do without my sweet baby girl fix every few months?  From her birth day to her birthday, sleepy newborn days, her first pigtails, the pouty lip, sitting up, cuddling, snoozing, laughing, clapping, crawling, standing and birthday cake, so many photos and so many memories.  Thanks for an awesome ride sweet baby girl, photographing your first year was an honor.

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noah | austin baby photographer

Sweet chubby Noah is one of my baby planners and oh my gosh has he changed so much!  I couldn’t believe it when they got out of the car!  Not only did he change a ton, but Wilson and Davis are so tall (and Davis even has curly hair…I’m pretty sure I might have even squealed in delight!).  I love spending time with the Butler family, always easy and casual and fun and full of energy.  To me, Noah looks so much like Davis the first time I photographed him here.

Julie & Adam, I had so much fun with your sweet family this morning, thanks for finding an amazing location and I hope you two enjoy your last month(ish) of immobility before you have three boys on the move!!  😉

Want to see more of Noah….go here:  Maternity | Birth | Newborn | 3 mo

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life is good | cedar park lifestyle photographer

I got the distinct impression that sweet baby girls parents are in total and complete denial that someone will be having a birthday very soon.  When I started talking about her birthday session and cake I got a few “what are you talking about, there is no way our baby is about to be one you crazy lady?! looks!  HA!

At 10 months old, she’s as happy as can be and so much fun.  I love how they just soak in every second with her, every smile, every cuddle.  The cute little red rocking chair used to belong to her daddy and I heard a rumor that Grandma was going to be thrilled to see this sweet baby girl hanging out in it.  What an amazing feeling it must be to see it come around full circle.  Life is good!

ps – SBG, me and you, my camera and a birthday cake in June.  It’s happening, don’t let them convince you otherwise!  😉

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mommy & me | leander baby photographer

I simply cannot think of a better way to start the morning than a mommy & me session first thing. And I LOVE the idea of doing a 3 month mini with just Mommy!!  Great idea Julie!  And I love everything about this, their expressions, the light, his little toes peeking out at the bottom, his chubby little wrists….everything….

I know it must seem like he was born yesterday (it does to me!) since I just got around to posting his birth a few days ago, but Noah is already a chubby, happy 3 month old!  Julie, it was so great to see you two this morning, it always feels like catching up with an old friend =)

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joan | austin baby photographer

I thought I’d come share a few more shots of pretty Miss Joan….

Her Mommy tipped me off that I’d get this if I told her she’s pretty.  Worked like a charm and I LOVE it!

The other end is pretty darn cute too…. 😉

I am already looking forward to her 6 month session!!  Want to see more?  Go here:  Her Big Sister Jane | Her Birth | Her Newborn Session

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the finish line | round rock baby photographer

Their birthday session….I can’t believe it.  I was honored to attend their birth a year ago, and I’ve photographed all the milestones inbetween.  They’ve grown and changed and so much, it’s been so fun to watch!

LOVE the shot of them on their momma’s hip!  She’s got her hands full and that’s 50 lbs of little boys she’s packing!  H Family, thanks for a great year of memories!

(Whoops, I just realized that I never posted their 9 month session….behind on blogging much?!  I’ll do that this week before I come back and share their full year!)

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