I want to live.

Laura and Tim are in the fight of their lives.  Every day.  They are fighting to save their son.  Working, looking, praying for a cure for Duchenne.  Sadly, there are thousands of other families, just like them, who have a son with Duchenne, fighting the same battle.  They are fighting time.  And my heart aches for them.

Duchenne is fatal.

There is no cure.

But there is hope.

I knew from the moment I was asked to photograph this family that they would change me.  I knew I’d learn a lot about Duchenne, something I knew very little about.  I knew I’d come home and hug my children tighter, appreciate the smaller moments a little more.  I knew I’d cry proofing their photos.  More than anything, I hoped I’d be able to give them something they can cherish.  There were several goals in our time together, first to photograph them with Mack & Sally Brown (who are hosting the Dealing for Duchenne fundraiser) for photos to be used on the invitations and at the event that will take place this spring.  I later visited the family in their home to get some photos of their everyday life and casual moments.  All in all, there are over 300 proofs and several slideshows serving several different purposes.  I thought I’d share a few of them here as well….

Slideshow #1:  I Want To Live


Slideshow #2 Chance For A Lifetime
[featuring music by Catchpenny Band]

Dealing for Duchenne is a casino event so we had some fun with playing cards.  Let’s just say that MC and I did 52 pickup a few times 😉

Funny story, as you can imagine, there are security measures involved in going out onto the field.  We were out there quite awhile and when it was time to head back inside we discovered we’d been locked in.  So while we waited to be released I stole a few moments away with just Tim and Laura.  I’m so glad I did, these are faves!

While I was capturing the top 2 shots, MC caught the bottom two, which I absolutely love.  Moments for just Mom and Dad are few and far between but this is just about the sweetest “interruption” I’ve ever seen.  High 5 MC!

And a few shots from the session at their home….

I can hear the little boy belly laughs….can you?

I know that wonderful things will happen as a result of this event and I am so very proud to be a small little part of it.

Do you want to help Timmy and thousands of little boys like him?  Find out more:  www.dealingforduchenneaustin.org www.cureduchenne.orgWhat is Duchenne?

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for timmy | austin photographer

When I went to UT a few weeks ago to photograph Timmy and his family we had a ton of fun out on the field.  At one point as we were moving about, Timmy grabbed my hand, looked up at me and said “Where’s the BAND?!”  Totally made me smile.

And this photo, I’m pretty sure it is the only one Timmy cared about that day.  As we were taking shots on the 50 yard line, a helicopter flew over us.  Like most 6 year old little boys, Timmy loves helicopters and he quickly pointed and told me to take a photo of it.  I swirled around, not ready.  He ran over and said “Let me see!  Let me see!”  I was afraid I had missed it but we zoomed waaaaaaay in and I caught a speck just before it zoomed beyond the jumbotron.  Timmy asked to see that photo a few more times that day and then when I returned to their home for a followup session over a week later, he hadn’t forgotten and asked if the helicopter was still in my camera (it wasn’t, oops!).  So, I give you, THE most important image of the day   😉

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