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I have a soft spot in my heart for families of 5 with 3 little kiddos.  And this momma, wow, this momma has it all under control and makes it look easy with 3, 2 & under.  Yes, you read that right.  And she’s cool, calm & collected.  And even sane!  If raising 3 little ones wasn’t enough, she also raises money for the March of Dimes.  I’m telling you, she’s hiding a super mom cape under there somewhere, I just know it….

And these two little cuties, Mason & Wyatt, are just the happiest little guys ever.  AND, get this!  Just today, they found out that they landed a part on the hit TV show, Friday Night Lights on NBC for this coming up season!!  How cool is that!?  I can’t wait to see them on the show….and I’ll be able to say I knew them before they were famous!

Big brother Rhett just turned two a few weeks ago.  He stole my heart….he is sooo sweet and has the dreamiest eyes ever….

Kim & Monte, thanks for coming out tonight, I had such a great time photographing your beautiful family of 5!

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I’m going through a neurotic phase with my blogging.  Let me explain…..I love linking back to things later when I’m talking about things in a previous post.  And I like to have things all in one place.  For this reason, I have been posting everyone’s sneak peeks along with their longer blog post once their session is completed and their order is in.  So, long story short, please forgive me for showing initial sneak peeks again, I’m just being neuroitic like that.  I may get over it as some point, but not today.  See….look….here is this little one again.  Hope you don’t mind.


I could look at these two all day….and it’s my blog….so here it is again….


how is this for a little holiday cheer?  if this doesn’t make you want to sing jingle bells, well then you’re just a scrooge!




Hey look, everyone is smiling!!  Score!!



This makes me laugh….when we put Spencer in the highchair out in the field, he was a happy camper.  Cooper, oh funny Cooper, he was confused.  I think he was waiting for me to bust out the squash.  And when I didn’t….I got this:


In retrospect, it was pretty mean to put you in a highchair out in the middle of nowhere and not give you anything to eat.  My bad little buddy!


Another fave, love this one too!


C Family, thank you for making the trip allllllll the way out here to see me from New Braunsfels and for braving the mud to get the highchair shots!  It was so great to see you all again and I hope you love your photographs!

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My new ultimate favorite shot.

I’ve had this shot in my head for awhile and I finally found just the right chair (for $8!!!), the right field and the right chubby little guy for it to happen.  A huge thanks to his willing parents for not only driving so far, but also trudging through the mud with not one, but two babies, to get this shot.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t post one of his counterpart and partner in crime.


Love these boys.  Love them.  I photographed them as newborns, and since then I’ve been a loyal reader of their blog.  Their mom blogs with honesty and humor and I really feel like I’ve watched them grow up day by day over the last 6 months.  I can honestly say that I think their momma takes more photos than I do.  I love that!!

We also got shots of them together and some great family shots, but I’m saving those for their gallery and don’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises!  Thanks for coming out guys, it was great to see you all again!

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the twins at 6 months | austin twin photographer

I got to go hang out with my little twin buddies this morning.  And oh my goodness have they grown!!  They had so many new tricks to show me, including sitting up and some new teeth!  I just love my watch me grow baby planners, it’s so fun to meet up every few months and when I look back through the images, it just becomes so much more real at how fast the first year really does fly by.  It sure does feel like their birth was just a few weeks ago….here they are as newborns and again at 3 months.  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I LOVE 6 month olds!!  The big, happy smile on the left and the little grin complete with his belly hanging our on the right, soooo cute!


And a huge thank you to their grandma who sang to them for a better part of our session….automatic smiles.  Such a lovely voice and I still have the song in my head this afternoon…..Doe! – a deer, a female deer….Ray! – a drop of golden sun….

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I have two sessions to catch up with this little cutie for her 3 month session (word on the street is we MIGHT be able to pull of piggie tails!!!!  at 3 months, uhm, hello?!!!).  And this little cutie is turning 1, cake smash here we come!!

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backtracking just a bit, the twins | austin family photographer

I have quite a few sessions that are all finished up and just sitting my que to come blog.  In fact, these have already been delivered but I wanted to backtrack just a bit and come share how big these twin boys are.  Not to mention CUTE!!  I just love Watch Me Grow baby planners….here are their birth (here too) and newborn sneak peeks.

I had a few people ask if they are identical or not and their mom says no, they are fraternal.  While they look a lot alike, I can really tell them apart now at 3 months old (I couldn’t at all at their newborn session!).  You can really see it when they are right nex to one another….

It takes a lot of concentration to be this cute and chubby.  Very serious business….

I posted the above shot in their sneak peek but wanted to share it again along with a different spin on it.  Seriously, could these little hands be any cuter?  The pudgy fingers, the wrists….the cuteness is killing me over here.

they have the cutest nursery and I snagged this quilt from their room to use during their session….

I just love the cheeks in this one!

Can you believe that when I see them again they will be sitting up and on the brink of crawling?!?!

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prop up your feet for this one, double the baby, double the blog post | austin twin photographer

I am finishing up the order for these two cute little guys and wanted to come back and share more than just their sneak peek.  I was so excited to get to do this session, I made the drive down to New Braunsfels just a few days after they were born (and shhhhhh don’t mention that little shopping trip I made on the way back at the enormous San Marcos Outlet).

I knew that Mom and Dad had traveled a long road to get these little guys here and I am honored they chose me to capture the first few precious days.  I was overcome by how cool and calm these parents are.  They don’t begrudge a single moment of lost sleep, they are just reveling in the miracles they have been blessed with….

he thought I was kind of boring 😉

I forgave him cause he’s really stinkin’ cute.  You woulda too.

his counterpart was a bendy little sleepy head…

snuggle bugs

Look how happy they are!

I try and catch at least one of these at newborn sessions.  I mean, come on, let’s face it, this is what we are gonna remember right?  ha!

A fun little snapshot.  And no, they weren’t going 80 mph, I just dragged my shutter 😉

I absolutely love these last two family shots.  Their nursery is gorgeous and has a few blank walls….hmmmm, wonder what we can do to remedy those blank walls, wink wink.

Congratulations you two!  I know you are enjoying and soaking up every moment and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you!

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