Wild Horses on Shackleford Banks Island, North Carolina

Follow along as we adventure out to Shackleford Banks Island off the coast of North Carolina and the city of Newport. This was a dream come true for Taryn, who has wanted to see wild horses for as long as we can remember! In my mind the wild horses would be frolicking on the shores edge, manes flowing in the wind, but this was…..different! We had to track down the horses in the dunes and there was no frolicking or flowing manes, just nuzzling in the sand for something to munch on. This island is also known for incredible shell hunting. We didn’t get out of the house in time for the first visit to the island but you won’t believe what we still found!

We used Island Express Ferry Services for our tour and highly recommend them. The boat ride out was not long at all and the captain and crew were friendly. When you get to the island that have a large ramp that gets rolled off the front of the boat into the sand. On the return trip the crew gives a guided tour of some of the businesses and buildings along the channel.

You can learn more about these wonderful horses of Shackleford Banks Island by visiting the NPS website.

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We LOVE Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park Campground in Jacksonville, Florida

We make a quick detour to Jacksonville, Florida to see family! At the suggestion of some of our followers we stayed at the Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park Campground and it was pretty great. It had just rained before we got there so the ground was wet and muddy but we really loved how each spot was nestled within the trees and palms. The campground is also close to the beach so we made a short drive to check it out and let the kids run through the Atlantic waters for the first time in over a year. The best part was definitely reconnecting with family. We had a little cookout over the fire and then roasted up some marshmallows and s’mores. Perfect way to end the day! We can’t wait to go back to Hannah Park again.

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