And grow and change they did…

When we moved to Austin I was 5 months pregnant with Teagan. We didn’t open Life in Motion here right away, we closed the business in Louisiana and let our move linger into maternity leave. I took 6 months off to stay home with Teagan before I was itching to get back to work. My very first full session on the books was for an adorable little family with a 3 month old little boy named John Michael. That adorable family is now ever more adorable believe it or not as they have added to their crew. I was thrilled when they invited me back after the birth of their second son Noah, who is also 3 months old. I know I’ve said it a million times but I truly am so lucky to be invited in to the homes of my clients and capture how much they have grown and changed. And grow and change they did…

Mary Beth and Michael, thank you for asking me to document your beautiful family again!

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full circle

All the pieces had to fall just right for this quick little session Tuesday night.  First and foremost, this momma had to fend off early labor and bedrest and get this baby to stay put just a bit longer.  She did it and I was still really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to catch a few maternity photos of her before their baby arrived.  Monday was her her goal and I hightailed it out there Tuesday evening about 3 seconds after Jason walked in the door from work.  And don’t you know it rained the entire way there, I got there, no rain, we got some great shots, I got in my car and not 1/2 a mile from their house and the sky opened up again, storming!  And we had to stretch out their evening routine until I could get out there and keep the kiddos happy (and happy they were!).  So yeah, while there was a lot working against us, we did it Jennifer, photos of you looking so beautiful and pregnant with #3, wahoo!!

Look at how much Josie has grown!  The photo of Tommy and his momma reminds me so much of this photo from his newborn session and it occurs to me that this is my first Austin family to come full circle.  I did their maternity and newborn photos when Tommy was born and now this new little one.  I love that I’ve actually been here long enough now to have that happen and I love that they asked me to come back!

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I did a bad thing | Cedar Park Children’s Photographer

I did a bad thing.

But….it was in the name of love.  So that makes it ok.  At least I hope so.

I lied to my client.

One of my favorite clients.  One that I adore.

I did a maternity and newborn session with them last year.  And Emily had contacted me about doing another session with their family.  I was literally, moments away from emailing her back when my phone rang.  It was her husband….he had an idea….a plan.  Five minutes later and we would have missed the opportunity to form a plan.  He wanted to surprise Emily with a session for Valentines Day.  He’d been putting her off when she would bring up doing another session with his plan in mind.  But she’d contacted me anyway.  So we schemed together…..he booked their session but I emailed Emily back and told her I was sorry, I hated to turn them away, but I was booked.  Oh the guilt.  And she was so disappointed, yet still so kind.  I could feel it in her return email and I felt so bad, but also excited that she’d soon get her surprise!  So right before Valentines Day Emily had my blog up on her screen, she stepped away to get a drink and got back to her computer to find her gift card!  I heard that she might have been excited?!  Sneaky, thoughtful, loving husbands rock!  Even my own husband said “Man, I wish I could think to do things like that!”  Let that be a lesson to ya Stradtner!  Hehe….we got her Donny!

So I’ve been looking forward to this session for awhile, but I was in no way prepared for the fact their little toddler turned into a big girl and their little adorable newborn is toddling.  Crazy how much they have changed!!

Emily, Happy Valentines Day!!

ETA:  I now officially have a thing for little boys in cowboy boots.  Teagan WILL have a pair by week end.  It’s gonna happen.

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Miss A turns 2 | Salado Child Photographer

A dream locations and one of the easiest 2 year olds I have ever photographed.  Ever.  A bit shy at first but I always love those shots too….


It didn’t take her very long though to decide I was ok….




tee-hee….I’m pretty sure Mom sees this little pout quite a bit!  It was like a little present while I was downloading 😉


Once again, one of my all time favorite mommy/daughter photos…haven’t we all felt this way loving on our babies?



another fave….



Miss A’s grandparents brought her this toy rocking horse.  They live near an Amish community and brought it down for her birthday.  Handmade and super heavy but oh so gorgeous  I was just in awe of it and the attention to d  when she opened her trunk.  Not to mention excited to use it during the session.  Miss A LOVED this part of our time together!




Emily, it was so great to meet you and photograph you and your beautiful daughter!  Thank you so much for the wonderful and thoughtful email sharing your thoughts after you viewed your gallery (it went straight into my happy file)!  I’m really excited to see your order, espcially the canvas and book, come together!!

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A big “little” share | Austin Family Photographer

I had this adorable little family on my calendar for a long time and was so excited when it was finally their turn!  I soooo wanted to do a good job for them as we’d all been looking forward to it for so long!


I love his nickname too….”Little”….how cute is that?!





These two make me laugh, I can hear him laughing just looking at them!



Little was all over the place, running, busy….up AND down!





I love these!  Jenny, I hope you blow the one on the right up big!


One of my favorite moments during this session, yet so simple.  Little spotted his mommy alllll the way across the park on her way to get the smash cake and his face just lit up!!!  I love that!!!


Then it was time for a little cake!   Yummmmm….


I love that you can see the Austin skyline in the cake pics!  Thankfully, it was warm enough to splash around in the fountains while we waited for the sun to go down….



Last shot of the day….50 f/1.2….love it.


S Family, I hope it was worth the wait and that you love your photos!!  I had a lot of fun capturing your adorable little family and Little’s first birthday!

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