10 on Tuesday | austin photographer

1.  Taryn shocked us all just 1 day after breaking her arm when she sat down and wrote out the entire alphabet with ease with her left hand.  She’s right handed!


Jase was watching her and told her how “awesome” she is that she can do that.  Still on a lot of pain meds, she absolutely fell apart…..”d-d-d-d-d-d-don’t c-c-c-c-c-c-call meeeee awe-some”.  Poor girl, she had an emotional few days that required lots of love, hugs and an unreal amount of patience.

2. This little one is still having a hard time adjusting to one nap a day.  And by hard time, I mean, falls asleep in random places all over the house mid morning.  This is one of the more cozy little spots we’ve found him recently.


3.  I should have never told my husband that I don’t like the word “moist”.  He now works it in to every.single.conversation.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, he found himself taking an iphone photo of the word “moist” on a shampoo bottle at the grocery store and emailed it to me.  Boys, ugh!!

4.  When we were in the ER for Taryn’s broken arm, they had to put her under anesthesia to set her arm, move the bones and put the cast on.  If you’ve never seen a cast being put on, it’s quite the process.  I was honesty surprised when the ortho pulled out what looked like a circular saw to cut the side of the cast down the width of her arm to allow room for the arm to swell as it begins to heal.  It’s just a horrible sound.  About an hour after Taryn came to, she asked us what happened to the ‘vacuum cleaner’?  What vacuum cleaner?  The loud one, you know, when everything was all spinning around!  They didn’t even clean up this mess??  (pointing to the white dust all over her shirt).

5. Here is a photo of my girl in her new, shiny, red cast.


The swelling is down, her fingers are once again a normal color and she’s smiling again.  She chose red in honor of my mom, her fave color is red and Taryn heard she once had a red cast herself.  She’ll be in this cast for another 3 weeks then they will change it out to just a forearm cast for another 3 weeks to give her elbow some mobility.

6.  It only took approximately 18 hours for the cast to become a weapon used to defend herself from her little (pesky) brother.  Teagan is not a fan of the cast upside the head.  Did that stop him from pestering his sister…..uhmmmm…..no.

7.  How cute is this website, the funky lunch.  I suddenly feel so lunch inadequate and boring.

8.  The Life in Motion facebook fan page has over 530 fans!  Crazy!!  I don’t know that many people!! 😉

9.  Did you know that you can create a font with your very own handwriting?  Check it out, pretty cool!

10.  I’m having a hard time purchasing halloween costumes this year.  Taryn changes her mind on what she wants to be daily and I can’t find anything I love for Teagan.  What are your kiddos going to be??

And a quick wave hello to my mom, she and my step-dad, Larry, landed in Colorado today for what will be his 9th spinal surgery.  A previously repaired area has re-fractured and is putting pressure on his spinal cord.  Mom, I’m thinking of you guys and hoping for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.  Love you!

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the last few weeks have kicked my butt

I’m still here.  Just not sure where to start or what to say.  Not very many good things have been going on, so I’ve found myself a bit speechless around here.  I don’t think my blog has been this quiet in a loooooong time.  Especially with so much going on at home.  But to say the events of the last few weeks have kicked my butt would not quite cut it.  I think it caught up with me……I managed to have a nice little pinched nerve in my back.  My bodies way of saying slow down, enough already.  Thank God my mom was here to help me.  And Jase.  And the kids.  I didn’t know exactly how much I needed her here until she got here.  I literally just cried on the phone knowing she was coming.  The injuries, the illness, the surgeries, I just needed my mom.  And she showed up in full force.  Ready to work and manage our house and hug the kiddos, and do all the things we couldn’t wrap our minds around.  I am so thankful for that.  She’s back at home now, and we’re all  having a “man, I miss the Gee” kind of night.

So, here is to a “normal” week, a healthier family, more blog posts and picking up my camera once again.  Wishful thinking?

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10 on Tuesday | austin photographer

1.  I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday.  It was a nice day, relaxed with my family, got a ton of wonderful birthday wishes, phone calls from loved ones, fun birthday mail and a nice dinner out with my favorite people in the world.  Oh, and even a few new toys for my camera!  All in all, a good day.

2.  When i asked Taryn how old she thought I was, I about fell over when she said “FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN”.  Wow, I knew it was a loaded question but sheesh!

3.  My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, Happy Birthday Eve Mom!!!

4.  I think the most awesome of all the gifts I received was from Taryn.  She drew me a great big picture of she and I riding on a roller coaster.  The best part though, at the bottom, there was a picture of our dog Kylie taking a poop.  Nice.

5.  Teagan’s crib is still up.  Niether Jase or I can seem to make ourselves take it down.  I did one last little photo shoot with him in his crib and got a ton of shots.  Here is just one….

6.  I only pulled one because I am sooo far behind on proofing right now.  I took some time off this weekend for the holiday, my birthday and the birth of baby Jack.  But now it’s time to dive in and get a bunch of stuff done, lots of sharing to come.

7.  I promised to come back and share images of the new custom letters I will be offering to clients.  I LOVE the way they turned out, I’m not very good at product photography, but in person these are soooo cute!

Clients, if you’d like more information, just drop me an email at [email protected]!

8.  I’m seriously considering offering a VERY limited number of client sessions when we head to Louisiana in August.  If you think you might be interested, let me know.  I haven’t decided how many yet since we’ll be on vacation and at the beach part of the time, but contact me if you think you might want one!

9.  One of the reasons we’re going to the beach is to see my mom and step dad’s new house they are building.  I am so excited to see it.  It’s been a dream realized for them and I can’t wait to see it in person instead of just photos.  Their porch is bigger than our entire house!!  I have a feeling the photos she’s been sending me don’t do it justice.  I’m sad they will be moving out of the house I mostly grew up in, but excited for them to move into their dream home at the beach.

10.  I’ve hit #10 and drew a blank.  I think it’s time to get off the computer and out of my jammies, the kiddos are itchin to go to the pool!

Happy Tuesday!

4th | austin photographer

This 4th of July is the first one I haven’t spent with my mom in a loooooooong time.  The 4th is always a time filled with family and birthday parties and bbq’s and fireworks and we always spend it together.  My birthday is on the 6th and hers is on the 8th, so it’s always a celebration.  It’s hard to be away, when I really wish I was there.  We distracted ourselves this morning by doing crafts with the kids, we made flags for our get together tonight…..Teagan and Jase had a little too much fun with the pipe cleaners……

I sure do miss you Mom, and thinking of you lots.

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