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10 to catch up…

1.  Finally attempting to crawl out from under a rock and rejoin the land of blogging and working again.  I realized today I hadn't posted a single thing in weeks about what has been going on with me and mine.  [...]

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random | austin photographer

1.  Not sure if this will be 10 but I've been MIA and feel the need to catch up. 2.  Favorite moment from the first day of 2010.....Teagan throws his arms up in the air and yells "HA-PEEEEE NEW YEAR!".  [...]

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still kickin

I'm still here.  Just not sure where to start or what to say.  Not very many good things have been going on, so I've found myself a bit speechless around here.  I don't think my blog has been this quiet [...]

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4th | austin photographer

This 4th of July is the first one I haven't spent with my mom in a loooooooong time.  The 4th is always a time filled with family and birthday parties and bbq's and fireworks and we always spend it together.  [...]

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