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Rounding out the Slidell mini sessions is my little buddy Aiden.  I’ve been photographing Aiden since he was a tiny little baby.  I don’t think I blogged his newborn session, I couldn’t find it, but here he is at 6 months and then his mini last year.  I was so thrilled when they booked a mini during my trip back to Louisiana.  Always animated, always cute, but I was not ready to have the tables turned on me right out of the gate!!  He’s pretty good too!!!

Uh, let me just go ahead and say this now so we can move on.  I LOVE HIS HAIR.  LOVE IT.

His parents ( just like these two ) have somehow managed to have multiple sessions with me over the years and dodged getting in a few.  I was on a mission this time though, and I think they might have had a hunch their gig was up.  I think the one on the left is getting filed under “one of my all time fave family portraits ever”.  Love it.

I mean seriously, if I was as gorgeous as these two, I’d want my photo taken all.the.time.  So stunning.

Did ya notice Aiden in that shot above?  Stinker!  But I can always count on him to mix it up a little bit….remember this one?

hehehe….sometimes the outtakes are my favorites but here is a real one….

One last shot.  He decided to swing while I chatted and caught up with his mom and dad.

“A” family, it was so great to see you, play with Aiden for awhile and see how much he’s grown!!  Hope you love your photos!

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birthday boy | slidell family photographer

Another mini ready to share.  This family is celebrating the first birthday of their little guy and boy do I love this age.

I love this little smile and his big, bright eyes….

These next two images make me smile from the inside out.  As a momma, when my kiddos are grown, I want photos like this of us, the little moments you want to remember…..this little piggie…..

and the ever famous…..momma’s gonna get yoouuuuu…..

I can hear him laughing just looking at it!!

And I managed to convince his gorgeous parents to do a a few shots of just the two of them.

B Family – thank you for making the drive over to Slidell, it was so great to meet you.  I hope you enjoy your images for many years to come!

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hey crazy lady, i don’t see anything in there | austin family photographer

I don’t know if I’m super tired from a crazy long week or what….but this totally gave me a case of the giggles tonight.  I had to come share.  One of the tricks we photographers use to get kids to look into the black box of torture is by telling them there is something interesting in there.  I’ve used everything from princesses to elmo to candy to airplanes to, well….whatever.  And it usually works at least once to get some good eye contact.  But every now and then I catch one of these “what the heck crazy lady, i don’t see nothin’ in there!” looks.  All you photographers out there know what I’m talking about, you get them too…..

These kids must think I’m totally off my rocker!  Thankfully, Ethan didn’t need any of my crazy lady tricks, he was a ham all in his own right….

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old friends | slidell family photographer

Another Slidell mini session is up and ready to share.  Charli and her beautiful family were one of my very first clients in Louisiana.  The first time I photographed them Addison was just a tiny little baby….but now, she’s a beautiful little girl….

And colin, he was the cutest little toddler running around the house back then.  But just today, this big kid started kindergarten.  No way!!!

I just can’t get over how fast time flies…

a little momma and daddy lovin’

And do you know what else I realized about this family….I’ve had no less than 6 sessions with them in the last 3 years and yet they, as a couple, have managed to dodge me.  Humph!  That would NEVER fly here in Austin.  Nope, nada, no way would I let my clients get away with that.  I know my Austin clients reading this are shouting at their computer screens right now…”no way, she didn’t let me get away with that!” and “uh huh!  she dragged us in front the camera the very first time!”  I don’t know how they did it especially considering how gorgeous they are.  They had a nice run, but I got em….

uhm, gorgeousness!!!

Charli & fam, it’s always so great to see you and catch up!!

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Slidell Mini Sessions

Real quick, just one of each of the gorgeous 7 kiddos I got to hang out with yesterday….

First up, Ethan.  His beautiful momma is a photographer but I saw zero signs of PCS (photographer child syndrome)….he was a dream!

Here are Colin & Addison.  They were some of my very first clients here in Louisiana.  It’s always fun to see how much they have grown (and boy have they!)  Looking at Addi, there is no sign of the itty bitty baby I first photographed, 100% big girl now.

and Little Miss Laney….oh my gosh I fell in love with her curls.  seriously!

and you won’t believe who this is…..Ethan!  It’s been awhile and he’s so big, happy and most important, healthy!

And then round two last night….this little man just turned one and is just as cute as can be.

And last but not least, another one of my favorite little buddies I’ve been photographing since he was a tiny little newborn.  Gosh how time flies!  He even took my picture with his camera!!  How is that for big?!?!

Totally crazy, but totally fun day yesterday!  It was so great to see old friends and meet some new ones.  I’ll get everyones galleries up once we get home to Austin and settle in.  Thanks guys!!

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