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Remember awhile back when I got together with a great group of Austin women to do a group trash the dress session?  Well, one of my photog buddies, Libby, was supposed to be there that day.  Except, the morning of, Libby didn’t feel well.  Libby had the flu.  Well…..Libby thought she had the flu.  But what Libby really had….er, uhm, has… a Will….

haha!  Isn’t he just the most fabulous, squishy little thing ever?!?!  Congrats you guys!  We got some great shots today, can’t wait to show you the rest!  Oh, and for what it is worth, I totally thought Ty was the flu too!

I’m off to session #2 today here in a bit.  I’ll be back tonight with more sneak peeks!

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Austin Birth Photography

I decided to throw together a little page about birth photography since it currently isn’t included on my website. If you are in Austin or the surrounding areas and would like to book Life in Motion Photography to capture your birth experience, please drop me a line at  I only book one per month to be sure they don’t overlap, so plan ahead and contact me early!

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austin birth photography . the birth of amerlyn grace

I’m not sure if I will be able to articulate my feelings in to this post, but I will try.  Photographing births is such an amazing experience, I get to document a life changing right before my eyes, a first breath, the first moments of a new family, with pain, joy, and so many other emotions mixed inbetween.  Every single time I photograph one, it brings me to a place in my heart that realizes what this world, what life, is about.  It also brings me to a place that makes me realize that what I do, makes sense.  Of all the things people capture with photography, all the milestones, the ‘i do’s”, the beloved snapshots, the gathering of family, it makes sense to capture the beginning moment.

I am so honored to have captured this birth, these memories, this life, for my colleague and dear friend Michele.  Photographing a home birth was a first for me, as was photographing an unmedicated birth, a water birth and all for another professional photographer.  I was nervous to say the least.  Not knowing what to expect, but also, wanting desperately to do a good job for someone as talented as Michele is.

There were so many wonderful moments on Amerlyn’s birth day…..thank you Michele for allowing me to share so many of them.  Click here to view a slideshow:  The Birth of Amerlyn Grace.

In addition to the slideshow, here are just a few of my favorites from the day… my first favorite moments was catching a glimpse of Michele and her husband sitting on their bed, watching the sun rise out of the window, on the day their daughter would be born . . . .

It was amazing to watch her work with her body, moving through the pain, connecting with her husband and just allowing her body to do what it was meant to do.

Welcome to the world beautiful girl….

Michele and family, thank you so much for entrusting me to capture the birth of your daughter, it was an honor.  Congrats again from the entire Stradtner family!

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austin birth photography . the birth of lucy

A big thank you to Lucy’s parents for allowing me to share their birth experience, birth is an intimate experience and it takes a lot to put yourself out there.  Big kudos to you guys!  I love these images.  I’m thankful they love them too and that they are allowing me to share them.  I hope these images capture their day, Lucy’s day.  I hope they capture how beautiful, and faith filled this family is.

the birth of lucy

I have to tell you that for the first time since I picked up a dslr camera, I wished it had a video feature (hmmmm, maybe I do need that new 5D).  At the end of the slideshow, you’ll see a little boy, a big brother, with bright eyes, blond hair and a big smile.  He’d been planning for awhile to sing his new little sister her first song.  He did it beautifully.  He sung Jesus Loves Me, all the way through and barely took his eyes off of his new baby sister, smiling the whole time.  I’m surprised the images out of my camera are even in focus because I shot them with my eyes welled up with tears, it was that sweet.

And thank you all so much for your warm comments to the post below.  That image will remain one of my all time favorites for many years to come.

Congratulations again K Family!

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a photographer’s dream

in every way.  she is so beautiful and was soooooo good for her session.  sleepy….we did 3 setups in less than the first 20 minutes I was there.  we moved her all around and she even posed herself….

so dreamy…..she’s got the whole pouty mouth thing down to perfection…..

her momma was one of the very first to book with me when we opened our business in Austin.  I have been super excited to do this session, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for her to arrive.  ok, maybe not for-ever…but awhile, and little miss A was soooo worth the wait!  T – I hope you guys like your sneak peeks!

ps – MC made me the hat and wrap in the first shot and she did a gorgeous job!  Thanks MC – you rock!

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I thought I’d share a few more…

he’s just way too cute to only share a few from his sneakpeek.  I just sent this little guys momma their coffee table book designs and I thought I’d come and share a few of my favorite shots from their session while I was at it.

and I just love this 10×20 storyboard!  it pretty much sums up being a little boy at the park, leaves, rocks, sticks…now that’s livin’…

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10 on Tuesday

1. First up, Ty’s play, he was Benjamin Franklin and he ROCKED! I was so impressed. The most proud momma sitting in the front row! He did so good. It’s hard to get up there in front of everyone, especially at his age, but he really did amazing.

2. A little funny at the play. There stands Ben on stage and here comes George Washington, in an appropriate costume of a big hat and white curly hair. Little T pipes up with a….and I quote….”WHY IS THAT DUDE DRESSED LIKE A PIRATE?!?!” hahahaha

3. This weekend we all had dates. We took shifts going to the movies. I took Ty on Saturday and Jase took Taryn on Sunday. Madagascar 2. So good, we loved it. It was nice to have Ty all to myself for awhile. He talked every.single.second on the way there and every.single.second on the way back. There is something about not having his siblings around that makes him talk. He gets my undivided attention.  He loves it.  I loved it. I learned all about the cute girl at school, said cute girls boyfriend, the kids on the bus, every last detail of the book he just read, something his teacher said, about the cool and lame table in the lunch room and so much more. Listening is good. Very good.

4. A movie funny….((this will make sense if you’ve seen the movie)). After moto moto sings his song, Taryn leans over to Jase and says “HEF-TAAAAY” LOL!!

5. I haven’t had much time to photograph my own kiddos here lately. I miss it. They are growing like weeds, especially this one….tall. And sassy.

6. Looks like the even numbers are funny Little T stories today….So, Jason got some money for his birthday and happened to leave it out, by mistake, on his nightstand. He went looking for it the other day and couldn’t find it. Let’s just say it was a good amount of money with and the guy who appears on the front was not a President, but he was played by Ty Stradtner in a school play recently. Anyway, back to Jase loosing his money….after searching high and low and asking everyone in the house if we’d seen it, he got smart and started searching piggy banks. Low and behold, a nice shiny bill in the top of Little T’s frog bank. Stinker. She’s famous for picking up peoples change around the house and running to her room with it to feed her bank. Well, this morning, Jase calls her in the bedroom and asks her again if she has seen daddy’s money. “Nope”. Hmmmm, so he shows her the money inside her bank and she still says she didn’t do it, but then as we are talking to her, she exclaims the “dollar” needed to go and visit his family. Meaning Jason’s dollar needed to go visit the other dollars in her bank, LOL. So after talking to her about lying and stealing and all that good stuff, we decided to swap out Jason’s “dollar” for a dollar (really and truly only a dollar) that was on my desk. Or so I thought. I couldn’t find it. Turns out that dollar was also visiting its family. Go figure.

7. Jase has to go back to Louisiana for a few days in December. We decided it would be fun for him to take Little T with him and go visit my mom. She is going to be thrilled. But we won’t tell her until right before. Heck, I might not even tell her until we leave for the airport out of fear she’ll drive me bonkers. Thrilled won’t even cover it….a trip with her daddy….to go see the Gee, she won’t be able to contain herself!

8. I’m seriously considering using our family photos taken this past summer on our Christmas cards this year. a) we’re all in them and b) I’m lazy and don’t want to fuss with my kids trying to get them to cooperate for that perfect family photo that eludes me. I might just throw in the towel this year and call it done.

9. We’re struggling with Teagan. He’s been loosing weight. Worried. Frustrated.

10.  The Christmas dresses below sold this morning, but the summer dresses are still available if you are interested.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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