smiles…lots of ’em.

If this little ham is the most smiley baby I’ve ever photographed, then little Miss L takes that award home in the newborn category!

Caught it, smile in progress…

Love these.  The pouts are awesome.

The End…;)

Congrats K&J….she’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so honored to have been chosen to capture her!

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they warned me

I got fun little text messages from her parents leading up to this session that warned me she is really cute.  and a poser.  and totally perfect.  at 11 days old, I have to agree, she is.

she rocked her session today with lots of sleep, sweet gazes into the camera, a few smiles, a lot of snuggles and and whole lot of sweetness.

and yes, i realize it isn’t very nice to not show you the insane amount of cuteness at the other end of the highchair photo, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!!

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annslee | austin newborn photographer

I was lucky enough to photograph her birth and then I got to do her newborn session less than one week later.  She is (was – she is now almost 2 months old) a tiny little peanut and oh so good for her session!  I bet she’s changed so much already!

I took a few photos of her nursery while she was filling her tummy.  Such a cool room, it feels like such a warm haven….

Congrats again Amanda & Trent on the birth of your beautiful daughter!  I can’t wait to see how much Miss Annslee has changed at 6 months old!!

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funny little baby | cedar park newborn photographer

This little guy made me laugh, while shooting, while proofing and now, while blogging.  These have long since been delivered but I still wanted to come share a few more from his newborn session.

First, he was sleepy.

And then he was chill.

And very happy.

He’s got a little rock star in him too.

Man I’m a sucker for a good baby mohawk.  Especially on a very chill baby….

I’m telling you, this little guy is a character!

He’s cuddly too.

And oh yeah, a couple of outtakes, these make me laugh so much.  It’s like he realizes crazy photographer lady is STILL there!!  HAHA!

These two  Curious little guy!  HA!

C Family, I think you have one amazing, funny, sweet little guy on your hands, congrats again!!

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a proper texas welcome | austin newborn photographer

When you are born in Texas, there are a few things you’ll learn pretty quick.  The people here have big hearts, not just big cowboy hats.  We say things like “Howdy”, we love bbq, mexican food, and we’ll put queso on just about anything.  And we love to plop our kids down in the bluebonnets each and every spring.  It’s a tradition. And it’s never to early to start.

Congrats S Family, she’s absolutely perfect and it was an honor!

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happy | cedar park newborn photographer

I still can’t believe it.  With three children of my own and having photographed countless numbers of babies…I still can’t believe it.  Yes, I have had a few babies throw smiles my way through the years, and they are super cute, but for the most part, they are a result of gas or a little nudge of the cheek.  But not this morning.  This little guy, was so chill, and I started to make sweet talk with him while shooting and each time I did, he’d look right at me and smile.  At first I thought it was a fluke, but he did it over and over again!!  Talking to him in a calm voice was so calming for him and he really just loved it.  He’s so curious and at just 11 days old, I was so surprised with how alert, and genuinely happy he is!

If I hadn’t of experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believe it!  He so stinkin cute with all that hair too!!

Congratulations on your new son Christy & Dominic, I’m so thrilled for you both!!

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