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This little guy gave me a run for my money this morning, but we pulled out all the stops and got him to sleep just for a bit.  And would you look at the chub!  It was pretty funny actually, I posed him like this….

I took a few more shots, adjusted my camera, got up to move a few things around….and when I got back to shooting, I found this….

hehehehe…oh that just makes me laugh so hard.  i love it.  funny little baby.  you are squishy and you own it little dude!

((E & M – thank you for having me over this morning, we got a ton of great shots and I can’t wait to share them with you!))

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he just couldn’t wait

to be in her arms. . . . .

this little one has an amazing birth story, they barely made it to the hospital on time.  what a crazy, wonderful experience all rolled in to one, i can only imagine.  he sure does look cozy in her arms doesn’t he?  can’t really blame him then for being in such a hurry.  during her maternity shoot, I captured this shot, one of my favorite all time momma shots, but gosh I love this one too.  I think it’s just knowing what a graceful, kind, soft spoken mother she is.  Congratulations again K family, it was such a joy to photograph your new little one this morning!

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the birth of calla mae

A big thank you to Anne Marie who is allowing me to share this.  I can’t say it enough, amazing experience I’ll never forget.

Click Here:  The Birth of Calla Mae

It was a technical challenge, a room with no windows and two small lights on a dimmer with the occasional spotlight during delivery and in the baby warmer.  I used my speedlight for a few, but tried not to, as it just wasn’t catching the feel of the moment, it was quiet and dark and I hope these images capture that.

I just realized I never posted her maternity session, if you guys want to check it out you can see it HERE.  We did it in two parts, one at home for some more traditional stuff and then we met up with the kids at the park another day for some casual outside shots.  And I have to tell y’all, this is another reason I love living in Austin, friends who dig photography as much as I do!

Wow, I never post entire sessions, usually just a few faves here and there, but there I go posting two entire sessions in one little ole post!

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