Balloon Fiesta Part 1 | Fulltime Traveling RV Family

We lucked in to some last minute tickets to the Fulltime Families Fiesta Rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico! And it was a huge adventure for us! So much so that we need more than one video to share it all! It was our first time boondocking for more than just a few days, our first fulltime families rally and our first fiesta! We stayed right on the grounds of the fiesta and it was AMAZING! Part 2 coming soon along with our rookie tips in a separate video. Stay tuned!

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Easter while sick on the road

Our Easter was really simple this year. We barely managed a decent dinner in the instant pot and after feeling cooped up for days we took a drive that landed us on this beautiful overlook above Santa Fe. We missed church but felt it was better to not infect a congregation with our crud.

The kids were completely thrilled that for Easter this year we had a real live bunny that lived in our RV spot.

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Their first comic book store

On our last day in Santa Fe we all finally started to feel better and were able to run some errands. The kids spotted a comic store and were adamant about going in. They’d never been to one before and were pretty excited to check it out. I love all these first experiences they are having!

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