Momma Monday – Traveling with Kids

It’s been awhile since I’ve managed to participate in a Mommy Monday post over on Erin’s blog, but this subject is fresh for us since we just got home from our first big trip with 3 kids.  I can say this, traveling with 2 was MUCH easier than traveling with 3.  Ok, so it’s probably that one of the 3 is a baby, because Ty is easy.  At 11, he’s a huge help and has the ability to carry stuff, which is priceless.  A couple of things I found useful…..

1.  I bought this travel bed from Target.  It was cheaper than a lot of others ones I’d seen and was perfect since it folds up flat and I could stuff it in a suitcase.  Plus we didn’t have to cart our pack-n-play to the airport and check it as baggage.  It was perfect for Teagan to sleep in and you can use an extra pillowcase as a sheet over the little mattress if you need to.

2.  We opted to also not cart our big old double stroller with us.   Its perfect for use at home, but honestly, it wasn’t cheap and I didn’t want the airline to bang it all up.  Instead, we wore Teagan when we were out and about.  We wear him a lot anyway, its his favorite spot, so it works for us. 

I’ve gotten a lot of emails and questions about our sling since I posted this shot of Jason wearing our little guy.  I seriously am in love with it and use it every single day.  It’s a Slingezee.  If you are
wearing it correctly, you can’t even tell you’re wearing the baby. I
find it that comfortable. I have had several slings and this one is by
far my favorite. I can wear Teagan so many ways in it. He naps in the
cradle position, he can face out which he loves and I even nurse him in
it. Then when he’s bigger, he can sit on my hip. Jason and I both love it.
I saw a local mom wearing one at a group playdate and asked her where
she got it. It comes with a dvd that explains how
to wear it correctly, which we found really helpful. It’s not nearly as
hot to wear as the other slings we have and Teagan rarely sweats in it.

We did end up buying a cheap-o umbrella stroller when we arrived at the beach because I just couldn’t face wearing Teagan at the water park.  It was under $15 and worth every penny even though we only used it a few times.

3.  I wish I would have bought these for our air travel, our carseats got a little beat up because the airline was out of disposable bags.  And this is pretty cool if you are not checking the carseats.

4.  Feeding little one while traveling is tricky and we always have snacks with us.  Nursing on the road is tough, so this time I opted to shove my boppy into a suitcase.  I love that thing.  Teagan doesn’t get a lot of bottles, but I was sooooo glad I had one with me for our flight home.  He decided he was starving the instant we were called to board the plane.  Granted, I’ve cooked T a grilled cheese while nursing before, but boarding a plane with all our stuff while nursing that would have been a neat trick.  For now on, I’ll make sure I pump enough to travel with at least one bottle.
For the older kids, we let them pick snacks and they carry them themselves in their carry on bag.  Hey, less for me to carry right?!

Car travel….

1.  This is tough for us, we’ve always traveled a lot by car and have enjoyed it.  Seems like before Taryn came along, Jase, Ty and I were constantly going somewhere on a road trip.  But, Teagan HATES the car.  Can’t stand it.  It makes even the shortest drive so stressful.  Red lights seem to take  Interstate driving isn’t any better.  He literally screamed the entire way from Slidell to Orange Beach, 2.5 hours.  Its frazzling.  I bought him one of those activity things that hangs on the headrest, but it doesn’t really help.  Anyone have any good advice???

2.  Taryn loves books in the car.  And toy catalogs.  We have tried to be a dvd family several times but T always messes with it and we end up taking it out….sigh.  Ty is always happy with a book, even on short rides to the grocery store.

3.  This portable potty is a life saver.  It just saved us with Taryn on Saturday during a trip to San Marcos to see Jason’s parents.   When you gotta go, you gotta go.  I just set it up in the back of my explorer with the gate closed and half window open so she has some privacy.  I also carry these Green and Clean Potty Covers with us everywhere.  Perfect for a germ-o-phobe like me!

4.  I’m a big believer in first aid kits, so there is always one with me, in the car, diaper bag, purse, you name it.  My family says I’m addicted to them, but I like to think of it as being prepared.  Oh, and ziplock bags and garbage bags, they always come in handy.  I also love my neat sheet.  Oh, and sunscreen, I try to have it with me, since my kids are fair skinned and my hubby is bald =)

That’s all I can think of for now.

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piggy backin the pigbear

My photographer buddy Erin has taken on a Momma Mondays post on her blog.  Love this idea!  If you don’t read her blog, check it out!  Last Monday, it was potty training,, this Monday, its books.  As a former kindergarten teacher, Erin knows her books for kids, so be sure to check it out.

Being that my kids are varying ages, I’ll start with Ty.  I could go on and on for him though, he’s the big reader in our family.  He’d have his nose in a book 24/7, which sounds like a good thing, but I want him playing outside sometimes too!  It’s funny that both his teacher and his parents have stepped back to listen to themselves in horror telling him to stop reading….can you imagine!?  Yeah, we shared a laugh over that.  His top favorites are:

While Ty loves to read long, complicated story lines, Little T loves the actual books.  She hords them, counts them, looks through them and then reads.  Some of our faves were listed in Erin post so I’ll try and post a few different ones.  A lot of her favorites are read daily, here are just a handful.  I’m adding a few that are baby related since that’s been big at our house recently too:

  • Curious George’s Big Book of Curiosity.  By far, the longest running favorite at our house.  It keeps her attention longer than anything else, so much to look at.  Love it.
  • Are You My Mother
  • Barnyard Dance…you know you know it…stomp your feet, clap your hands….yeah, I can recite it in my sleep =)
  • Guess How Much I Love You…although Jason can’t read this book anymore without turning red and laughing really hard.  One day he was reading it and got the words "Little Nutbrown Hare" mixed up…I’ve never laughed so hard.  I’ll let you figure it out since this is a G-Rated post, but that’s a book mommy reads now 😉
  • A baby related book if you are expecting, Baby on the Way.  This one T loved and it also mentions breastfeeding, which is helpful if you will nurse.
  • I’m A Big Sister is another of her favorites.
  • We also just bought Now We Have A Baby.

I love it that our children love to read so much.  Ty’s room is overflowing with books and we’ll soon have to remedy that.  Taryn’s books are in a bookcase in her room, but we also have baskets of books around the house, seems like they are everywhere but it’s nice she always has access to them.

And just cause I loooooove this image (yeah, I know I just posted it a few days ago but it’s my favorite book shot).  I just had it printed big and it’s gorgeous if I do say so myself 😉


Thanks for the great Momma Monday post Erin….I added a category here
so we can piggy back that cute little pigbear more often =)

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