Breastfeeding Celebration Sessions For Charity


Life in Motion Photography is excited to invite you to a breastfeeding celebration in honor of World Breastfeeding Month.  We have just a few spots left!

Who:  Nursing mommas, little babes & toddlers
When:  August 2nd, 6:45 pm
Where:  The Secret Garden, Georgetown Texas
Donation:  $100 – there is no additional charge for more than one child if you have multiples or are tandum nursing.  100% of the proceeds benefit the Central Texas Birth Center Open Arms Program.

Donations are required in advance to reserve your spot as space is very limited.  You can reserve your spot by paying here (use the button at the bottom).

Details:  Each Momma will receive 2-3 nursing photographs in digital format within 2 weeks of the session.  The image(s) will be via digital download, no printed proofs are provided.  Space is VERY limited with this special discounted rate.  A client survey, ideas on what to wear and directions to the location will be provided once you have reserved your spot.  Please note that your images will only be shared with your expressed permission, whether or not you share is totally up to you!

I am so excited to capture this special relationship between you and your child and also support a very worthy cause supporting mothers in our local community.

If you have any questions please email me at

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a quick mini share

I don’t always get the extra time to blog mini sessions, but I had to come and post these.  I loved everything about this Christmas mini, the family, the outfits, the location, the light that evening…just…everything.  It was easy and fun and everything just clicked about it.  I love it when that happens….

Amy & Cory, thanks for hanging out with me for awhile, it was great to chat and explore and see how much Ethan has grown in the last year!  And I LOVED your Christmas card!!

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10 on Tuesday and 2 mini session openings!

1.  I am thinking about opening up 2 last minute mini session spots for this coming weekend with guaranteed Christmas delivery.  Any interest?  Email me at for details!

2.  My kids are so addicted to these right now.  Especially Teagan.  Obsessed.

3.  This morning I stopped at my desk to pick something up and noticed there was still solid ice in my favorite cup that had been sitting from the night before.  First, I thought to myself, wow, this cup really IS awesome.  Second, I thought to myself, I wonder what time I actually went to bed….  Third, I thought to myself, I wonder if Ty did this to be sweet, he IS always bring me water refills.  Turns out the third one is the charm.  Love that kid.

4.  Duder’s new favorite activity is swiping the water bottle we use to tame Taryn’s hair each morning and tormenting people with it.  It drives me nuts and I’m constantly getting squirts to the leg, back, face, whatever is within his range.  Getting it away from him is always a battle that involves running and wrangling a toddler who insists on screaming “NO IT MIIIIIIIIIINE”.  I started putting it out of his reach but he’d just grab the step stool in the kitchen and move it to where he needed it to be to get it.  It was driving me (and the dog) nuts.  This week, I finally gave in, I handed it to him and we headed outside so he could squirt whatever he wanted till his little heart was content.  He was thrilled.

$0.99 water bottle = hours of entertainment.  Unfortunately, I too, fell into the category of “whatever he wanted”.  Stinker.  (Update on duder here)

5.  Taryn has her first crush.  And he is not in kindergarten.  MUCH to her daddy’s dismay.  Dismay isn’t a strong enough word for what he’s going through.  Anxiety ridden ought to begin to cover it.

6.  Add her first crush to the fact that she asked for a “green ipod” for Christmas and my husband is not in a very good place right now.  His little girl is growing up quick and he’s soooooo not ready.

7.  I absolutely LOVE this.  And this blog is also one of my new favorite places to check out.

8.  Bob has been very busy trying to keep up with all the goings on around here and all 3 kids.  First though, he had a little bit of ‘splaining to do about that whole ‘borrowed rocket thing’….

9.  Then the next night, just before bed, Jase and I got a good giggle at the expense of my friend Jodie and her elf.  We laughed it up, then went to bed.  Ironically enough, forgetting to move our elf because we were too busy laughing at Jod for not moving hers.  Karma right?!  So, Bob hung out on the TV for 2 days.  The kids were concerned, but not being nearly as creative as Jod, we just blew it off and said Bob likes to watch TV a lot.

10.  The next morning they found Bob had gotten into the cereal.  Thankfully, he was picking up after himself with the dustbuster.  We’ve been working with the little kids and picking up their own messes so it was super nice of Bob to be such a great example 😉

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little treasures

I normally don’t blog mini sessions beyond the initial sneak peek but I was cleaning off my hard drive and doing some ordering and archiving tonight and decided to pull a few little treasures to share.   The last one may seem like a funny choice to share, but it pulls at my heart for a different reason.  This was the last shot of the day, last photo of this beautiful family as a four (about to be five!).  Truth be told, I had already put my camera away and it was packed in my bag.  I said goodbye and about half way down the walk way to my van when I turned to look back and I saw this scene.  It made me smile so much that I stopped, dug out my camera and caught the moment.  I love it because it is them.  Smiling and relaxed and little kisses being blown.  It’s telling of their place in life, hanging out with toddlers, a note to the left of the door asking visitors to not ring the bell and wake up a little one.  The door just barely cracked tells us how incredibly welcome and warm they are when you’re invited into their home.  I’m pretty thankful they let me in to capture it every now and then.

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life in motion hits the road again | orange beach alabama photographer

I’m so excited to offer some beach sessions this summer!  I normally offer Louisiana mini sessions in Old Town Slidell, but this year my parents moved.  Our summer trip ‘home’ will instead be to their new home in Orange Beach, Alabama.  I’ll miss my Slidell peeps this year, but we just couldn’t work it out to divide the our trip where it fell on a weekend in both places.  We used to visit Orange Beach each summer when I was a kid for vacation and it holds so many memories for me.  We went last year for just a few days after our stay in Slidell and I got to do a special little session with Taryn on the beach AND  I got to meet and photograph one of my photographer BFF’s Jodie Allen.  You can check out their beach session here.

I’ll be taking ONLY 3 full sessions sessions between July 16 and July 17.  These will be full sessions, not mini sessions as in years past when I’ve traveled.  Email me for more details and a complete price list.

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mommy & me | leander baby photographer

I simply cannot think of a better way to start the morning than a mommy & me session first thing. And I LOVE the idea of doing a 3 month mini with just Mommy!!  Great idea Julie!  And I love everything about this, their expressions, the light, his little toes peeking out at the bottom, his chubby little wrists….everything….

I know it must seem like he was born yesterday (it does to me!) since I just got around to posting his birth a few days ago, but Noah is already a chubby, happy 3 month old!  Julie, it was so great to see you two this morning, it always feels like catching up with an old friend =)

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10 on Tuesday | Austin Family Photographer

1.  Our babies came to us easily.  For that we are lucky and blessed.  And, thankfully, ignorant when it comes to infertility.  We were ignorant.  Our friends Lee Ann and Dennis are fighting infertility.  Fighting a long fight, a roller coaster of emotions at every high and low.  I never truly understood….I mean I thought I knew a thing or two about what those who battle infertility go through, but I didn’t.  Not really.  Lee Ann and Dennis are amazing.  And strong.  And open.  I know it must be so difficult to be so open about something so painful, but they do it.  Jason and I have learned a lot from them reading their blog and I know our family, and many others, are praying that they will soon have the baby in their arms they so desperately long for.  I asked Lee Ann if I could post about their story on my blog because they are doing everything they can to raise funds to be able to go through another round of IVF before their meds from the previous round expire.  There are some amazing women in our area that are raising funds through consignment sales and garage sales for them.  Dennis is working extra hours and  Lee Ann is cleaning houses and painting rooms/organizing homes on the weekends.  If you know of anyone in need of these services in the Austin area, drop me a note at lstradtner at mac dot com and I’ll get you in touch with her.  We’re going to have her paint a few rooms in our house and I can’t wait.  I also donated the proceeds of a recent session to their cause.  I would also like to put it out there that they are very open to adoption so if you know of a birth mother looking for two amazing people to parent, please keep them in mind.  I have every faith, that one day, not too long from now, I’ll be linking back to this post having photographed their beautiful new baby….

2.  It is 74 degrees and GORGEOUS today.  Just a few weeks ago, it snowed.  Snow was great but I am SO happy spring is here, things are turning green and the wildflowers are just around the corner….I’m ready!!  If only the hotter than hell summer wasn’t right after spring….I’ll try and forget that is looming and just enjoy the gorgeous weather while it lasts!

3.  Speaking of wildflowers…..I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if I will be doing Bluebonnet Mini Sessions this year and the answer is YES!  I won’t be scheduling them until bluebonnets show up though as the timing can be a bit unpredictable.  If you want to purchase a bluebonnet mini you can do so at any time, but we won’t set a date/time until they start popping up.  I’ll probably only do 7-10 and they will likely go quick, so contact me soon if you think you might want one!  Bluebonnets will forever remind me of the beginning of the crazy, loud, funny, beautiful friendship of my two favorite girls….

4.  Awhile back we were getting rid of some furniture and sold Teagan’s dresser to Wendi Schoffstall, a photographer in Houston.  At first I was a bit surprised she wanted to come all this way to pick up a used dresser but now I get it….Wendi had a vision and oh my word, I am in LOVE with what she did with it.  Seriously….gorgeous!  Check it out, amazing!

5.  We recently received an invitation to attend the wedding of one of Jason’s dearest friends from high school named Nancy.  When Jase came back from the mailbox and announced we got “Nancy’s wedding invitation today” Taryn dropped what she was doing, threw her arms up, twirled around and exclaimed “We’re going to FANCY NANCY’S wedding?!?!”

6.  With our new “slackerwagon” came two TV screens and a DVD player.  I’m already over the barney and sesame street videos.  Can anyone recommend something educational of the non-annoying variety?  And if you limit TV time for your kids and they watch TV in the car – do you count that against the time you normally give them at home?  I’m just curious what other parents do….I don’t think they need to always have the TV on in the car but it sure does cut down on the bickering, so there are times I love it.  I just need to figure out how to manage it and gain some balance.

7.  Kindergarten registration is just around the corner.  Uhm, what?!  You should have seen how quickly the blood drained from Jason’s face when he heard those words come out of my mouth the other night.  Can’t believe it….

8.  I’m signing Taryn up for dance class tomorrow.  I foresee dance pics in our future….

9.  Teagan’s tongue is doing much better!  He is already back on a normal diet and everything.  Man that kid is tough!

10.  I’m off to photograph the beautiful miss Camy this evening, daughter of the best nanny in the whole entire world!!  Sneak peeks will be posted tonight!

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soon to be three | leander maternity photographer

I was so excited about my mini maternity session tonight with Christy & Dominic.  Christy and Jase used to work together and she was a big part of getting my family over here to Austin, so I was super excited to meet her!

Christy & Dominic, thank you for enduring the cold and wind tonight, you were troopers!  I hope you like your sneak peek and I’ll see you (3!) in a few weeks!!

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It’s Back! A Newborn Special | Austin Newborn Photographer

I think with Teagan’s 2nd birthday quickly approaching in a few weeks I’ve been a bit nostalgic.  How is my ‘baby’ two already…wasn’t he just all tiny and new?!  Quick, someone get me a newborn to cuddle!  Kidding….but, the “book a newborn session and get a free mini maternity session special” is back for a limited time only!  The next 5 people who book a newborn session between now and February 1st will also receive a mini maternity free of charge! You can be due anytime in 2010 to take advantage of this special but the session fee must be paid before February 1st to get the free mini.  I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I ran this special.  The last time around it resulted in so many fun images and I met some truly beautiful families and new babies!  If you or someone you know is expecting, this is the perfect time to reserve a spot!  A few restrictions apply.  Please inquire at for details.


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cute | austin family photographer

cute is the first word I think of when I look at this:


and this:


and especially this:


this is cute overload:


no wonder, look what a cute little family they are!


Amy & Cory, thanks for booking my last mini session of the holiday season, I’m so glad we worked it out and I hope you love what we captured!!

More full session blog posts to come….I’m a blog postin’ fool!  HA!

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limited time offer: 2 mini session openings | austin family photographer lyndsay stradtner

Did you know I offer mini sessions? Yup, sure do!  And not just at Christmas time….I offer them year round.  Perfect for the holidays, Valentines Day, bluebonnet season, a sweetheart session for your anniversary, or a special milestone to fill the gaps between full sessions.  Here is the catch though, my present shooting schedule only allows for me to offer mini sessions to established clients.  What is an established client?  Someone who has already had a full session with me or someone who is also booking a full session.  An example of that would be someone who books a mini maternity and a newborn session at the same time.  Or a mini session for their 6 month old and a full session for their child’s birthday.  In these cases the mini would occur first but you are eligible because you have committed to the full session as well.

My minis have a few restrictions on location, clothing changes, time / dates available that allow me to charge less for them.  However, you do still get full resolution images with the rights to print with your mini!  Holiday mini sessions for this year were offered to established clients several months ago and they all filled up fast.  I had a few people upgrade to full sessions after booking and now have TWO WEEKDAY OPENINGS that I am opening up to non-established clients for a limited time only!  Both of these mini sessions would provide you with photos in time for the holidays.  If you’d like more information on booking one of the two spots, email me at and I’ll send you all the mini information!

And since I can’t post without a photo….one more of Miss A from her mini last night….


Now I’m off to cook some goodies for the block party we are going to tonight.  Then home to iron a huge stack of clothes and prepare for our family photos first thing in the morning!

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