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While my mom was here we had a free day with not much planned so we decided to take the kids out exploring.  Teagan and I have been to this particular sculpture garden several times before, we like to go out exploring new places while the older two are in school.  He loves this place.  It is peaceful, never overrun with people and he just has the space, time and energy to be a boy.  I knew the older kids would love it too so we gathered up our fancy smanshy magnifying glasses and headed out.


Exploring involves leaves, rocks and sticks.  Touching them, throwing them, dropping them into the water and watching them float down the creek…


Teagan had a, uhmmmm, close connection to his magnifying glass…..


HA!  The sculptures are so beautiful….(full sun at f/1.2)


This one is Teagan’s favorite, every time we go.  He hunts around for it yelling “baaaaaby?!”





I love the way the trees bend toward the light….


Taryn is very into being an explorer.  We discovered moss, rocks, bark….


This is how I taught her to use the glass….


And this is her doing it “her way”….hmmm….maybe it runs in the family??




Taryn and my mom had a good time walking down the brick pathes….each brick had names on them….


Then we came across this one that served as a quick reminder to us that yes, we do indeed, live in Austin!  LOL!!




I love this sculpture for some reason.  It’s one of my favorites on the property.  It sits just outside of the pavillion near the waterfall.  All of these were shot in full, high sun at f/1.2….




Of course while I was photographing something that never moves, my yahoo’s were running a muck….


Love how Taryn’s feet don’t even hit the ground!  So her.  Right after this shot she did a pretty dance for me that ended with a bow and a…


TA-DAAAA!!!  The perfect ending to a great adventure.

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10 on Tuesday | Austin Photographer

1.  We had a great Memorial Day weekend filled with great friends and food and several parties and long walks and longer naps (even for me!) and tired kiddos.  Perfect way to start the summer.

2.  Teagan has mastered the art of the evil laugh.  Cutest.Thing.Ever.  I’ve got to get it on video.

3.  You know what this equals?

Lots of this….

yeah buddy!

4.  He’s cutting four, FOUR, teeth at once right now.  Ouch.


6.  If you are thinking about booking a session this summer, contact me soon!  My calendar is just about full, with just a few spots open between now and August.

7.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments and emails on the new birth photography website!  If you are interested in birth photography mentoring, email me at [email protected] to be put on the waiting list.  Mentoring is only available to those photographers who live / work at least 2 hours outside of the Austin area.  Space will be limited and the program will start this summer.  More details coming soon, I promise!

8.  I absolutely cannot wait for Conan to come back.  Can’t wait.  I will admit that Jase and I cracked up last night watching Jay Leno…it’s going to be a fun week to watch him too.

9.  We are trying to transition Teagan to one nap a day before summer is in full swing.  Mostly because our kids seem to be going in 3 different directions and our schedule is a nightmare.  As a result, he’s been sleeping in just a bit longer in the mornings.  Well the other morning Taryn was none too pleased about it.  We were rudely awoken to her swinging open our bedroom door, feet planted, hands on hips with a “HEY GUYS, what are you tryin’ to do, STARVE ME?!“.  Oh good grief 3 year olds are fun.


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10 on Tuesday | Austin Photographer

1.  I caught this the other day when I arrived at this location a little early.

2.  This is amazing.  Anne shared this with me and it says so much.  He articulates so much about how I feel about photography.  Seeing not just the light, but the light in people.  Finding yourself in your work, recognizing your vision, being open, seeing and embracing what is around you instead of trying to make it perfect, giving of yourself and celebrating what is right.  It’s 20 minutes long, but by far the best 20 minutes I’ve spent on the web in quite a while.  Worth it.

3.  I love this.

4.  We’ve been having a lot of this lately….he cut two teeth yesterday….finally!

5.  I’m hoping for more of this…

6.  I think Jase and I are finally starting to recover from ‘hurricane katrina rebuild fatigue’.  We’ve been dreaming up plans for our house, talking colors and layouts and ideas and it feels good.  Natural again.  Everything we have done to our house up until the playroom has felt forced, necessary.  We’re easing back into because we want to.  Did you know that we had redone almost every room in our old house before the storm ate it?  It’s been a part of us to design and build and create in our home since we first met.  After rebuilding post katrina, we were burnt out.  Our new house still feels like a cookie cutter house and it doesn’t fit us.  I’ve missed our projects and collaborating.  I’m glad it’s back.

7.  I’m really, really excited about my session tomorrow night.  It’ll have a funny story.  Promise.

8.  Jase was responsible for this.  That’s one way to do it.

9.  He’s been doing a lot of this.  It makes me laugh every time.  Which makes him laugh.  Upside down.  It’s pretty funny.

10. Special offer announcement coming soon!!

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just cause | austin photographer

I have been trying to give my new camera (it is a 5D Mark II for those that asked) a good workout with each of my lenses just to make sure there aren’t any issues with it and that I am 100% happy with it.  I pulled out the macro this week to play a little and thought I would come share a few.  I am not a macro photographer, I say that often, mostly because I cannot stand using a tripod and well, it is windy here.  Two big things working against me, but here are a few I liked….

this one makes me want a sprite!

and here are a couple of my little guy….I took these last week too and used Kristi’s new presets on them, love!!!!

i love his little hair whispies coming off the back of his noggin in this one.

aaaaaaand, we’re done.  it started to sprinkle right before this shot and he was not in to the rain at all lol.

guess what teagan learned how to do today?  shake his head no!  it is seriously so, so cute.  we’re worried he might have whiplash lol!  and my goal for the week is to catch it on video.

check in tomorrow for a session share =)

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intent | austin photographer

I got up and out of the house fairly early this morning to run a few errands, then went in to Austin to have lunch with a client.  On the way home I called to check in on Jase and the kids.  Ty answered the phone and sounded down in the dumps.  He’s had a really hard time this week with my mom leaving, his teacher mentioned he’d been quiet for a few days and all his friends were busy doing other things today.  He was just feeling down.  We chatted for a few minutes and then got off the phone.  I called back a few minutes later and told him to get dressed, I was going to swing by an pick him up to take him out shooting.  he was instantly excited.  First we decided to go scouting locations and then hit the library….I’ve been wanting to do some photos of him surrounded by books because of his intense love of reading at this age.  Georgetown has a much better public library, with tons of huge windows so we went out that way, stopping at Georgetown lake along the way.  We had a good time, hiking the trails and going down to the lookout.  It was totally gorgeous, yet windy, we even had some wind resistance ((snicker)).  I edited these with Kristy Lane’s new presets…..they are devine……I was lucky enough to do some testing for her and just love them!

after shooting at the lake, then the library, we decided to stop at the grocery store before heading home to pick up a few things for dinner and some milk.  I got out of the car and opened the back gate window of our SUV to dig out my purse.  I saw someone approaching out of the corner of my eye and turned to look.  The sun was bright and all I could see coming toward me was a large man, a silhouette, so I lifted my hand to guard my eyes from the sun.  Just then I began to hear what he was saying to me.  “…..I’m hungry”.  My very first instinct was to say no.  I’m sorry.  I don’t have any cash on me.  And that is what I did, before even thinking.  It wasn’t until he turned to walk away that the look in his eyes sunk in to me.  He was an older man wearing a full backpack, dirty, with a long beard.  I stood there a minute, watching him walk away, and I considered calling him back.  I had lied.  I had $5 in my pocket, and I never, ever carry cash with me, never.  But I hadn’t told him the truth.  I had followed that first reaction, that defensive notion.  By the time I thought about it, he was all the way across the parking lot, and I was still standing in that same place.  And it was then that I turned to see Ty standing there, his eyes full of questions, but he didn’t ask any of them.  I just told him that I had lied to the man, that he was hungry, asking for help, that I had let my defenses take over and how badly I felt about that.   That I wished I had said or done something different.  We turned to walk in to the store and we chatted about it some more.  We talked about how people become homeless, a series of choices, addictions, mental illness.  Ty asked questions and it was then that I realized that I hadn’t given him the $5 or offered to buy him something to eat because I was afraid of what his intent was.  And I realized his intent doesn’t matter.  What was my intent?  To do the right thing?  To help someone?  To be a good example?  I could have accomplished all of those things in one easy gesture, instead of damaging my own spirit.  So what if he took that $5 and bought drugs with it, or lord knows what else.  Would I have ever known?  Would it have changed my intent?  Would it have hurt me to give him the $5?  Would it have helped him?  Would it have taught my son watching ever so intently a valuable lesson of kindness and tolerance?  I missed it.  I missed the opportunity to help someone right in front of me.  The look in the old mans eyes was not one of a panhandler out for a quick buck…but a look of hunger and desperation.  But my defense popped up before I could even read that from him.  It must feel awful to be hungry.  Ty and I talked about that too.  Once inside we decided we would buy a meal, a sandwich pack, with chips, cookies and a drink from the deli and then try to give it to him when leaving.  And that is what we did.  Only we couldn’t find him.  We drove around the parking lot, looking on the sides and back, in the shopping center next to the store, we drove around and around for at least 15 minutes and never found him.  So we came home with the sandwich pack.  And I wish I had handled it differently.  I wish I had been a better person.  For my son.  I hope that him seeing me try to make it right matters.  I hope that if he has the chance to help someone, that he takes it, despite the horrible example I showed him today.  And I hope the old man came across someone with a more open heart than mine.

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ice ice baby

i’ll resist the urge to bust out in vanilla ice right now….you’re welcome!  ha!

we woke up to ice this morning, not something that happens every day down here.  all the schools started 2 hours late to give the sun some time to work it’s magic and melt the ice.

i’m a bit embarassed to post these because i know there are a few A-MAZING macro photogs that frequent this blog.  a macro photographer, i am not.  i just haven’t gotten it, probably because i refuse to use my tripod.  well, that and the fact that i went outside this morning in yoga pants, a t-shirt and my slippers….uncontrollable shivers and macro don’t exactly mix lol.  ty took mercy on me after a few minutes and grabbed my coat thankfully.  and it was fun to play…..

that last one is for my cute husband, who loves his car just a little bit too much 😉

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