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Life in Motion Photography by Lyndsay Stradtner

My old website was super outdated, embarrassingly so.  Most of the photos on my old site were between 2 and 6 years old.  I considered just keeping my blog and ditching the website, but I wanted a place for my clients to always see my best foot forward, to view my work and to keep myself comfortable with being able to share family snapshots and simple little stories of our every day life here on my blog and not worry about those things being the all important first impression for a client.  Having a dedicated website gives me peace in knowing I can post whatever I want over here.  I bought a new one in January and started to build it.  And then I got busy and I’d work on it maybe 15-20 minutes a week.  It is finally, FINALLY, done and I am so excited to share it with you!  It is a much better, more current, representation of my work, my style, my clients, me.  My hope is that it is simple, easy to use and let’s my work speak for itself.  I still have a few photos to move around, a few things to tweak, but in the meantime, I hope you like it as much as I do!

happy | cedar park newborn photographer

I still can’t believe it.  With three children of my own and having photographed countless numbers of babies…I still can’t believe it.  Yes, I have had a few babies throw smiles my way through the years, and they are super cute, but for the most part, they are a result of gas or a little nudge of the cheek.  But not this morning.  This little guy, was so chill, and I started to make sweet talk with him while shooting and each time I did, he’d look right at me and smile.  At first I thought it was a fluke, but he did it over and over again!!  Talking to him in a calm voice was so calming for him and he really just loved it.  He’s so curious and at just 11 days old, I was so surprised with how alert, and genuinely happy he is!

If I hadn’t of experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believe it!  He so stinkin cute with all that hair too!!

Congratulations on your new son Christy & Dominic, I’m so thrilled for you both!!

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on the verge of a grand adventure | austin couples photographer

It is such an honor when another photographer hires me to photograph their family.  Elizabeth contacted me because she wanted some photos of her and her husband…..


These two met in preschool.  How crazy cool is that?!  I would love to have known my husband for almost my entire life.  They are such a nice couple with a fun, sweet love that just shines through.  They also happen to be right on the verge of a very grand adventure.  They are picking up and moving to Maine after having lived in Texas their entire lives.  And get this…..they have never even been to Maine….oh man, what a great time they are going to have, exploring a new place, young and in love.

Elizabeth & Eric, I wish you all the best with your big move!  Thank you for entrusting me to capture you and your love for one another tonight, it was an honor.

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