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The Dealing for Duchenne event last night was a-mazing.  I’ll be back to blog about it this week, but wow, we’re still letting it all sink in, amazing.

In the meantime, we are taking off with my mom and the kids to the San Antonio Zoo, their other surprise!  Taryn’s dream comes true today….my girl is an animal love through and through.  After we told her about where we would be going I gave her a map I had printed out of the zoo, she’s already formed out game plan!!

And I can’t leave without posting a few photos.  LOVED this session!  So much so that I’ll be back to share just about the entire gallery this week!!

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kids are awesome | austin childrens photographer

Have you ever thought about what a boring, mundane (yet clean) place this world would be without kids?  Kids are awesome….

Love it.  Love my job.

Stay tuned this weekend and coming up week, this place is going to be hoppin’…..a beautiful family all the way from Arkansas, this little one decided to cuddle with his parents a little early and I have 3 mini maternity sessions, hello Austin baby boom!

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at home | austin family photographer

Timmy is back!   Going to UT and photographing Timmy and his family with Mack & Sally Brown and having the run of the field was so much fun (for all of us!).  But I wanted to give this family something more.  I spent the afternoon today with them at their home in an effort to capture real, everyday moments of their family.  Casual, fun, just being themselves, doing what they do, loving their boys, running around, exploring dirt and rocks and sticks, going for a walk, sippy cups and hugs.  And I’m so glad I did, it was such a nice way to spend an afternoon.  I didn’t think Timmy could steal my heart any more than he already did.  I was wrong.  Last shots of the day….


Big belly laughs are the best.  Yeah, it was fun.  If you’d like to know more about how you can help Timmy and find a cure for Duchenne, please read this post.

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Miss A turns 2 | Salado Child Photographer

A dream locations and one of the easiest 2 year olds I have ever photographed.  Ever.  A bit shy at first but I always love those shots too….


It didn’t take her very long though to decide I was ok….




tee-hee….I’m pretty sure Mom sees this little pout quite a bit!  It was like a little present while I was downloading 😉


Once again, one of my all time favorite mommy/daughter photos…haven’t we all felt this way loving on our babies?



another fave….



Miss A’s grandparents brought her this toy rocking horse.  They live near an Amish community and brought it down for her birthday.  Handmade and super heavy but oh so gorgeous  I was just in awe of it and the attention to d  when she opened her trunk.  Not to mention excited to use it during the session.  Miss A LOVED this part of our time together!




Emily, it was so great to meet you and photograph you and your beautiful daughter!  Thank you so much for the wonderful and thoughtful email sharing your thoughts after you viewed your gallery (it went straight into my happy file)!  I’m really excited to see your order, espcially the canvas and book, come together!!

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the mommas

You know what I love about this time of year?  Moms.  Moms come out of hiding.  They haul their butts from behind their own camera and they get in the photo.  They show me how much they love their kids.  Like, love them so much they just can’t hold it all in kind of love.  And they share it with me.  And let me capture that.  And I love it.




I even make an appearance this time of year…..


Last photo by my wonderful photographer friend Sara.  Thank you Sara, I love it (and him).

Becky is here with the kids and I’m locked away tight having a work marathon today.  Back to work I go….

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the urbans | cedar park family photographer

My 3rd and final session of the day was one of my favorite families in the whole entire world.  i have several thoughts….

1.  They are beautiful individuals, every last one of them.  But when you put all 4 of them together, beautiful just doesn’t cover it.  2.  MC may never forgive me for introducing Jack to marshmallows tonight.  3.  Jack pretty much loves me.  4.  I love him too.  5.  I may have encouraged Jack to make silly face in front of the camera a few too many times today.  6.  I’m sorta sorry about that MC.  7.  It feels like yesterday that Tommy was born.  How is he 5 months old already?  8.  Jon looks fabulous….totally kicking cancer’s butt!  9.  MC got bangs.  Love them.  10.  MC’s mom is a loyal blog reader (waving hi!!!!)  11.  Thank you MC for the yummy goodness you sent home with me!  12.  When Ty was a toddler, I always wanted two boys close in age like this.  I love their family dynamic.  13.  I want a shot like this of my family…..


Two more things…..I love that they make an “M” for her first name.  And, we saw a buck in the field not long before shooting this.  It darted right past us.  I love Texas.

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