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1.  My kids are in an ‘outside’ mode all.the.time.  It is so much easier this year now that Teagan is a toddler to be outside all the time.  Mother’s Day was spent digging in the mud, planting in our flower bed, getting dirty and just hanging outside.  Teagan can dig a mean hole.  And by dig I mean throw the shovel around in the mulch and make a huge mess.  HA!  But he loves it.  This photo of he and Jase together isn’t in focus but it totally cracks me up!  And Taryn took the photo of Ty on the tricycle doing a Taryn impression, funny stuff.

2.  I swear we can give the kids a bucket of water, a couple of sponges and scrub brushes and some random item (bird bath, bikes, a wagon) to clean and they are entertained for at least an hour.  Even Teagan.  They love it.  Maybe it’s the bubbles?!  I don’t know but it’s my new go-to trick to keep them busy when my brain is exhausted.

3.  T’s class did the CUTEST bluebonnet art project at school – it came home from being on display this afternoon.  I’m going to blog about it tomorrow, so cute!

4.  After 2 weeks of dance, Taryn tells me tonight she doesn’t want to go to ballet anymore.  What is that about?!  We’re going.  Maybe she’ll snap out of it.

5.  At the playground this afternoon Teagan climbed all the way to the top of the play scape and went down the big, long, twisty slide.  When he got to the bottom I had to look at him and laugh.  He looked a little pale and his eyes were bugging out of his head.  I said “you alright bud?”….”uhhhyeah”.  All one word.  HA!

6.  On our way to pick up Taryn from school today I overhead Teagan talking to his blankie in the backseat…..”Blankie, youa good blankie….I love you….you messy blankie….mwah…mwah…mwah”.  I don’t think love begins to describe it.  Funny kid.  And speaking of blankie, I heard a banging noise in the house this morning.  I went to investigate and found this.  Teagan with all 3 of his blankies, chillin in the kitchin kicking cabinets.

7.  The sleep apnea is still kicking his butt.  It shouldn’t be.  It should have gone away.  We have a follow up appointment next week to figure out what is going on with them.  I swear the kids a big puzzle and the pieces just don’t all fit together.  All I know is that at his age, he shouldn’t be non-functional by 9:30-10 am after a full night sleep and a long nap every single afternoon.  Not just tired, exhausted.  Poor little dude.

8.  My step dad is having another surgery this week.  He and my mom are already at the hospital doing all the pre-op stuff this week and the surgery to remove some of the pressure from his spinal cord is on Friday.  Any thoughts and prayers for them during this time would be much appreciated!

9.  weather.com hates me.  I’d swear by it.  I’m watching the weather closely this week as I had 6 sessions scheduled total.  I know the minute I reschedule any one of them, the sky will turn blue and the chance of rain will go from 60 to 0% in a hot minute.

10.  I’ve been sitting here for 11 hours, naptime ran until right before Ty and Jase got home so I’ve had a nice long work marathon today.  I think Jase could see the stress and mile long to do list in my eyes when he got home because took the kids to half-price books and then to dinner to give me some quiet time to work.  I got a lot done but my eyes are starting to cross.  Time for bed!

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You ever have one of those days where things just don’t go right.  Nothing bad happened, but nothing goes as planned?  Today was that day.

My session first thing this morning didn’t go as planned, so bummed about that.  Then I got a call from my husband on my way home that the repair place called about my Explorer and the repairs would be more than the stupid thing is worth.  Sigh….we planned on replacing it with a minivan this year but we weren’t ready yet.  Much less on short notice.  With our work schedules and kids activities, 2 of the 3 need carpool and pre-k drop offs / pickups….we are sooo not a one car family.  So we found ourselves car shopping this afternoon with 3 tired, cranky kiddos.  If you’ve ever been shopping with my husband, or heard me tell “the refrigerator story”….you know that this is a big deal.  Have I ever told that story here?  Ty tells it pretty well, complete with exasperation.  Jase will research a product to death, then go to look at it, mull it over, think about it some more, go home and google, research reviews, theeeennnnn, go back and stare of two products side by side.  For hours.  Like, 6 hours.  Tis true.  The time Ty and I went with him to buy a refrigerator, I thought our sanity was a thing of the past.  I love him, I do, he balances out my spontaneous side but the indecisiveness does get a bit exhausting for big purchases.  I tried hard to embrace who he is today and his thought processes…..good move, it went well at the dealership.  We came home for a bit to think on the big purchase this afternoon and everyone refused naps (except Jase, who fell asleep on the floor in the living room, go figure!).  Then Teagan got a fever (he’s teething again)…..so when it was time to head back to the dealership we just couldn’t face it.  We threw in the towel and gave in for the day.   Jase made an awesome meatball pizza for dinner and when I opened the fridge to fix drinks I found this….

I love my little dude.  I love the way he loves putting things away.  And I love the way he dances.  And laughs.  And loves.  I love finding his things around the house.  Someday I’m going to miss this.

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snow day

Be warned, this is a marathon post filled with snapshots, color casts, out of focus images and just everyday stuff.  But it’s also filled with love, so I can overlook the rest, hope you can too.

Today was good.  Today I put work down.  I let the house go.  I enjoyed the most simple of pleasures with my kids and….it was good.  Really good.  My husband was grouchy today (what is there to be grouchy about dude?).  The kids were crazy.  Excited.  Wired.  Fun.  And even though the house got trashed, there are piles of wet clothes and sneakers and socks and mittens by the front door, the stack of dishes and crap piled up on the counters in the kitchen is crazy, it was worth it.  We have had snow a few times already this year, but nothing that stuck.  For central Texas to have snow, much less several times, is a big deal (stop laughing northerners!).  Not only did we get snow today, but it STUCK!

We woke up to lots of “look momma, LOOK!”

It got pretty heavy mid morning.  At one point it looked like huge cotton balls falling out of the sky, they were at least 1.5 – 2 inches wide!

Can you hear the “LOOK TY!” in the second photo?

This is Taryn’s game face gearing up for the snowball fight.  I’m skeered.

Old grouchy could dish it out but wasn’t so good at taking it.  Can you hear the “ouch”?  HA!

Yes, Ty is wearing Taryn’s blue leopard print mittens.  I’m still not sure how that happened but Taryn had socks on her hands.  Hey now, we live in Texas, what don’t have a big need for gloves around here!

This one is out of focus but it cracks me up.  Teagan’s go to “I’m going to throw this snowball at you and you’re going down” face.  You know, Teagan is just the right height that when he throws a snowball extra good, it could possibly hit a certain 6 foot tall guy right in the tenders.  Did I mention Jase was grouchy today?  HA!  Yeah, I didn’t enjoy that moment one single bit.

Once it got pretty heavy the big flakes got in his eyes and he was NOT happy about it.    He’d say over and over, SNOW EYES SNOW EYES!

Yeah, I think it’s clear that not all Texans love the snow…..

So we headed inside for a little bit of this and a few marshmallows….

Armed the duder with an umbrella and he was good to go again.

Oh man, any day is a good day where I get a photo of Ty that I love…or 2…or 3…


Off our back porch….

Once Teagan went down for a nap, Jase was working from home, so I brought the older kids down to the end of our street for a little sledding.  We used Ty’s beach boogie board, worked great!

And look who it is, I better introduce him, Ty’s best friend Wade.  I can’t believe we’ve lived here over 2 years and I’ve never taken a photo of him before.  How did that happen?  He and Ty are best friends and we just adore Wade, he’s a great kid with a great family right down the street. As much time as these two spend together, I’m not sure how this is his first photo…but I love these!

You know why else I really like Wade?  Because I busted my arse not once, but twice today (who knew I could still do the splits?!) and he didn’t even laugh outloud.  HA!  He later told Ty he was cracking up on the inside.  Thanks Wade, I appreciate that!  Wade on the left, Ty on the right.  Ty is acting like a snowman.  Authentic right?

And our actual snowman snowgirl.  We were informed Taryn only builds girls.  Although, by the end of the day, said snowgirl, was sporting a mullet wig and a Heinekin.  Wasn’t me!

All in all, it was a good day.  Lots of letting go.  Of work.  Of email.  Of the house.  To play with my kids in what might be the only snow they will play in during their childhood.  And it was good.

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us | austin lifestyle photographer

I coerced my dear friend Michele into doing a session at night awhile back.  She and I found babysitters, got all dolled up and took our hubbies out on the town.  It was so much fun for Jase and I to go do something just for us, to get dressed up, and have a real meal without cutting up little pieces, to go cuddle in the dark and be together for while.  We had a blast and the end result just has my heart jumping for joy.  Photos of me and Jase, with the focus on us (NOT the kids)….just us.  Love that.

You can see her take on Jase and I here.  And my take on her and V here.

And if this project doesn’t solidify that it is who is behind the camera that creates a photograph, I don’t know what will….same locations, same lighting, same cameras, some of the same lenses, many of the same poses….and yet I love to see how very, very different they are.  I knew they would be, but wow.   So, sooooooo excited about our joint session with the giveaway winner Amy and her husband tomorrow night!!  Thank you Michele, for capturing us, for not telling me I’m crazy when I asked you to go shoot in the dark at night, for your friendship, your support, for always make me laugh and for giving me so many wonderful pieces of your art to cherish.

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fresh reflections

Have you guys seen what Fresh Art Photography is doing to raise up women?  It started out here.  And then turned in to this.  And I love it.  As women we are so hard on ourselves and it’s always amazing at how other people, especially the ones we love the most, see us differently than we see ourselves.  And as much as I encourage my client and friends and family to get in front of the camera so they can be seen and loved, it is hard for me to follow my own advice.  For a long time I dished out that advice but thought the rule didn’t apply to me.  Nah, I knew it did, I just ignored it.  But I’ve gotten better about it.  Having amazing photographer friends (like Jod and Michele and Sara and Teri) around to photograph me with my family helps a ton.  I know that what my family sees is a wife and mother and the person they love, I know that, but it’s still hard for me to be on the other side of the camera.  But I do it.  So can you.

Anyway, the other night I was messing around with Jodie and submitted this photo for her Fresh Reflections blog….


For some reason she didn’t want it and ignored my request, can’t imagine why?!?!

Instead she replied, cashed in on a favor I owe her and made me send her a real one.  I’m not sure what I got myself into, I’m a little scared, but you can check it out here.  Thanks Sara for letting us use your photo!!  And thank you to Jodie & Kim for finding the beauty in the women around you.

This reminds me that I never came back and shared all my favorite shots Sara took of my fam before Christmas….I’ll do that this week!

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Merry Christmas

Everyone should have our cards by now so I figured it would be safe to come share.  Simple and very, very “Stradtner”  🙂  Merry Christmas everyone!!


Featuring photos by yours truly, Sara Lopez & Jodie Allen.

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