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Congratulations to Amy F. and her hubby for winning the Helping Hearts romantic photo session with Michele and I! Can you believe that within a week’s time, this movement raised $1,200 for the American Red Cross to help with the recovery effort in Haiti? That is simply incredible.  To make your donations even more valuable, Michele and I have decided that we’re going to match them, so now $2,400 will have been given!

It amazes me that people can jump to action so quickly to help others in need.  But don’t stop giving just because this contest is over. These people will still need our help long after donation drives have ended. Thank you all again for your generosity and, Amy…we’ll see you soon!

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Remember this?

I love the wordle site but wished I could print a great big one at full resolution for my house (we have it printed and it is gorgeous, but haven’t hung it up yet).  I am working on one for my friends nursery and I thought I’d come back and share the template.  So here is the deal….

  • Should work in all versions of photoshop, created in CS4.
  • Consists of an unflattened .psd file.  Each word is its own layer.
  • Sized big at 15×30 and 300 dpi, but you can easily resize it for printing purposes.  Leave the dpi at 300 though for best results.
  • Just change the words to your own.  You can also change the colors to match your home or studio (how cool would this be in a studio with photography words on it?!)
  • If you want to use this exact font, you’ll need to download it for free here.  If you don’t, photoshop will give you a quick error and then automatically replace it with a font already on your computer.
  • You cannot sell or share this template as your own, but you are more than welcome to link to this blog post if you think others would like to download this template as well.

Click here to download.  Enjoy!

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Again, I sit here not sure what to say or how to convey how much this has changed me.  I’m not sure I can.  It is my hope I have done this family justice, that I have brought something real and genuine to them.  This is a slideshow I put together for Alex and his family.  It showcases only a few of the over 200 images from their session, but it tells their story.  You can read more about how I came to meet this wonderful family here.

My Name is Alex

Alex, thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family and for inspiring me to live in this moment and to be thankful for the blessings that surround me.  I only spent one morning with your family, but you have touched my life and changed me.  I am so thankful for this gift of photography.  Giving is good.  We are praying for you Alex.  You and your entire family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you this week as you head back to Houston. We hope you return home with a spot on the transplant list.

If you would like to join the fight against cancer please visit or you can go to the Alex Laynor Foundation.

I would also like to thank Balmorhea for allowing us to use their music to help us tell Alex’s story.

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template share – photo booth strip | austin photographer

As promised, you can download the template here.  You can see a sample here.

Please do not redistribute or sell this template.  You can use it for personal or commercial, so go for it!  You are more than welcome to link to this site / blog post to share this freebie with others.  It is sized big to encourage printing BIG!  8 in x 40 in at 300 dpi but you can size down as needed.  Just drag and drop your images.  If it overlaps the next photo spot you can choose your eraser tool in PS and erase back to the black line (be sure your image is selected on the layer palette before erasing.


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another mock photo booth | austin family photographer

I did this with my own family awhile back and I really wanted to show the fun, silly, spontaneous side of Alex and his family.  This was done 100% on location, no backdrop, no setup, just all of us sitting in a parking lot having some fun!  Can’t beat that.

I created a new template because I wanted to be able to showcase 5 per strip instead of 4 and more importantly, I want to be able to print big (sized at 8 in x 40 in).  Once I get all caught up I’ll come back and share the .psd file if anyone is interested.

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how is this for a small world | austin baby photographer

Meet Anders. Oh man I just want to pinch those cheeks. It’s ok.  Admit it.  You want to pinch them too huh?

Oh the chins.  The sweet, fabulous, I had to pull him aside for just a few snaps, couldn’t resist them, chins…..

He is the adorable nephew of Alex and attended the session I did when they were all in Austin.  Anders and his family traveled all the way to Austin from Spokane, Washington for the benefit.  His mom and I got to chatting during the session and it turns out that we have someone in common.  Way back when Jase and I got engaged, we did a lot of wedding planning online because we chose to have a destination wedding in Hawaii.  I befriended another Hawaii destination wedding bride as we were getting married around the same time.  That was, oh, 2002-3’ish I think.  Well, we both got married, and both had babies right after our weddings, her oldest and Taryn are just a few months apart.  At the time, she worked in HR and I worked as a VA Certifying Official for a University.  We are now both photographers and Anders and his adorable family are clients of hers.  Crazy huh?  What are the odds?  So here we are, waving “hiiiiiiii” to Jaidean in Spokane!!

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