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I’m doing a blogging marathon tonight….ready?  Next up is little man….LOVE 6 month sessions!







Doesn’t he have just have the sweetest little face??



Uh, hello gorgeous parents!!


Quick outtake….ever wonder what the baby does when I focus on mom and dad?  They Chillax (chill + relax = chillax)!



Every now and then I’ll get request from clients to do something I’ve already done.  We all totally went into capturing something similar to this with an open mind.  You can’t recreate a moment but good gosh I love these.  Luke brought his own little personality to it, full force.  The shot on the right totally cracks me up….he looks as though he’s devising his evil plan to take over the world…


After about the first 60 seconds of shooting these, he realized he was almost in the buff and that he could easily get to his toes.  Luke loves his toes.


Yummmmmy!  🙂

Thanks for all the fun guys – can’t wait until our next session together!!

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i lied | georgetown baby photographer

I didn’t go to bed after my last post.  I meant to.  I fell asleep on the couch and woke up when Jase came in from the store.  So now I’m up, recharging with some grub and watching him pack up 13 little halloween bags for Taryn’s class party tomorrow.  And while I’m up, before I head to bed, for real this time, I thought I’d post a sneak peek for this family.  We had their session this morning not long before I got called away for a birth, and since they had to wait a little longer and refresh the blog a little more, I promised a bigger sneak peek than normal!   We had to reschedule a few times and I have been super excited to shoot this session.  Today was finally the day!!



Uhhhm yeah, babies in argyle = cute overload.


He was totally worth the wait!!

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