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Last weekend I had the honor to go and hang out with my awesome midwife and her family at their home to take some photos.  They have never done photos outside of the studio before so I love that I got to do this for them!  Relaxed and at home is so much easier on mom and dad, especially with large families.  Heather is awesome.  Aaron is awesome.  Her five kids are awesome.  A whole lot of awesome all under one roof.  She takes such good care of me and this little guy I’m growing.  I am so thankful for her.  If you are in the Austin area and looking for a midwife and/or birth center, check out Central Texas Birth Center in Georgetown.  I’m really excited she will be here for our home birth in just a few more weeks!!

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I didn’t go to bed after my last post.  I meant to.  I fell asleep on the couch and woke up when Jase came in from the store.  So now I’m up, recharging with some grub and watching him pack up 13 little halloween bags for Taryn’s class party tomorrow.  And while I’m up, before I head to bed, for real this time, I thought I’d post a sneak peek for this family.  We had their session this morning not long before I got called away for a birth, and since they had to wait a little longer and refresh the blog a little more, I promised a bigger sneak peek than normal!   We had to reschedule a few times and I have been super excited to shoot this session.  Today was finally the day!!



Uhhhm yeah, babies in argyle = cute overload.


He was totally worth the wait!!

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Prop up your feet, and you might want to go ahead and grab a cold drink too | Georgetown Family Photographer

Cause this is gonna be a long post with a whole bundle of photos.  Loved this session, LOVED it.  One of the first shots off my camera, totally unposed, just snuggled right up to her daddy while trying to figure out crazy lady with the large black box attached to her face 😉


Totally kidding about the crazy lady part.  Sorta.  Miss S was a natural in front of the camera….




Curious, sweet and so many expressions.



She’s also totally adored by these two….







I love this parent shot….everyone needs one of these!




a quick drive and we landed out in the country for a totally different look for the tail end of their session.  i love the variety it provides….


LOVE how the flare falls right over her heart….




last few shots of the day…


E Family, it was so wonderful to meet you and photograph your adorable family.  I am so honored to have been chosen to capture your family!!

Whew…..that might be a record for images shared in just one post!  I have a lot more sessions to come share, just need to find a few extra hours in the day.  I have sessions almost every day this week, but I will be back!!

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a little urban, a little country | georgetown photographer

My session first thing this morning got rained out (boo) but I somehow managed to dodge the rain for my session schedule for tonight.  First we went a little urban and then a quick drive later to my favorite field of wildflowers, a little country.  It was one of those sessions I just couldn’t wait to get home and run straight to my computer to download.  Here are a few faves that jumped out at me right away….


Miss “S” is a fabulous, fun 3 year old and a great little model.  E Family, I hope you like your sneak peek, I can’t wait to show you all the fun stuff we captured tonight!  Thanks for being such troopers and going with the flow!!

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