Gettysburg National Military Park – Gettysburg Address | Full time RV Travel Family

Follow along as we venture to Gettysburg National Military Park. It wasn’t our most favorite National Park, the rangers were cranky, the movie and museum were expensive and it was raining….but we learned a lot! And Jude provides the voice over reciting The Gettysburg Address, so it was a roadschool win! Season 2, Episode 20

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Fly Fishing in Bend, Oregon | Fulltime RV Family

Follow along as we go fishing two times with my cousin, The Fly Fishing Ninja! First up, trout fishing with the kids, then we hit the High Dessert Museum in Bend. On our last day, Ryan taught us all about fly fishing at a local fish hatchery on the Fall River in Bend, Oregon! Oh! And Jonah caught his very first fish EVER – super exciting!!

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