pbk bedding for sale

A quick drop in to post that I updated our for sale page with 2 pottery barn kids bedding sets.  You can take a look here.

While looking for a shot of the bedding, I came across this old favorite that made me go awwwww.  My girl has grown so much….

pb bedding 3

I’ll be back with another post later today – before the big UT game tonight because there will be nothing between our mugs and TV come kickoff!!!!   I really haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or anything, just lots and lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.  Busy kids, revamping a TON of stuff for the new year with the business (exciting things are coming) and proofing until my eyeballs cross at night.  I put some mad ninja moves on my email inbox last night and managed to reply to over 260 messages!  I’m all the way to December 1 and pretty excited about it (although I’m ashamed to admit there were messages from Sept / Oct in there – yikes!).  Busy season was busy and I’m about to come up for air!!!

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for sale

we are about to do some work on our house, new floors, painting and just finally trying to get rid of the cookie cutter feel to our house.  yeah, we’ve been here almost 2 years, it is time.  we have a few things we are getting rid of and since we’re a little afraid of craigslist after some weirdos replied to an ad for some bedding, we thought we’d post it here.  most of the stuff we have now is for local purchase only because of size and weight, but I will be adding much, much more that can be shipped here pretty soon.  ((including some photography props, kids clothes, scrapbook / craft supplies, pottery barn bedding and much more!))

I added a tab under the links tab above.  Or you can click here.  Items include decorative items, furniture, TV’s, baby furniture.  I’ll be adding stuff until we are all done, so check back often!

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